CMA fest rewind.

as some of you more observant readers may have picked up on, a blog-writing-overachiever i am not. i’m a back row blogger. yep, that’s me. i like to think of my method as an extra challenging approach to blogging. i mean writing about something right after it happens is so, so simple-minded. but writing about something over a YEAR after it happens?? well now, that’s just flat out brain olympics right there. seriously. who’s the overachiever now?!

boom. that just happened.

so to keep things extra mystical and magical…this is a little REWIND blog about our CMA fest experience from 2014. not to be confused with the recent CMA fest that just happened a few weeks ago. (you better pour a drink for this blog…it’s all downhill from here).

when great american country asked us to attend CMA fest 2014, they asked if we could appear on-stage. and by “on-stage” they meant at LP field, in front of 65,000 people.

but first…a little press time with cute farmers and cute property brothers….

it’s such a harddddd job.

like seriously…so. VERY, very difficult.

after our backstage shenanigans, it was time to do what we came to do. join storme warren on stage in front of 65,000 people. nevermind the fact that i had been stung by 2, yes TWO, yellow jackets in BOTH, yes BOTH of my calves before we ever left texas. and my legs were therefore so swollen i couldn’t wear boots (you really can’t make this up….TWO yellowjacket STINGS. one in each calf. days before the CMA fest. and yes, clearly i’m allergic). nevermind the fact that i had a huge pimple on my chin. nevermind the fact that we both thought we were going to throw up. literally. like barf right there backstage all over the band perry. the show must go on. fat calves or no fat calves. pimple or no pimple.

first, with cute boys pre-show…

and then…we were kidnapped by blake shelton while backstage. we put up quite a struggle (as is quite obvious by this picture)…but in the end, we let him have his way with us.

and later, just us to announce miranda lambert….

and yes, it was later confirmed that amie’s vintage beaded sparkle shirt could be seen from space.


in addition to our big night with 2 big calves at LP field…(watch here…)

we pretty much had an awesome time in nashville.

we flipped out when we saw our own BENCH at CMA fest…

soooo we had to take moms picture…

and our dad’s…


and tracy & archie’s…

and all the girls…

and our own…

annddddd later with jep and jessica robertson…

andddd the farm kings had a bench too. so we took a picture.

yes, we went a little crazy with the park benches.

and always a FAVORITE stop of ours is the legendary. the epic. the awesome COUNTRY MUSIC HALL of FAME.

where our MAMA TRIED tank is on display…thanks to miranda lambert’s 2015 KEROSENE video.

and i’m throwing this picture in because it’s just so awesome.

she was in nashville for 2 nights, y’all. TWO NIGHTS. and she took over 100 pounds of luggage. i ain’t kiddin’.

thanks for the good times, nashville….you’re one of our fave cities in america!

P.S. for all those that are wondering…link to amie’s boots here - archie’s bag here – gypsy georgia’s boots here

P.S.S. biggo special thanks to WILD BLEU for my totally amazingly awesome belt i wore at LP field!

P.S.S.S. and lastly….big photo cred and video cred shout out to matt blair!!

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go west.

we’re setting out on an adventure. and maybe we’ve lost our minds but we’re doing it anyway. and once we set sail, there’s no turning back. no jumping ship. no emergency eject button. (ok, we’ve definitely lost our minds)

all 7 of us, in a van, from texas to las vegas. route 66. the TEXAS outdoor musical. the GRAND CANYON. the turquoise trail. and lots and lots and lots and lots of family time.

this. is. happening.

heaven help us all.

clark griswold is our spirit animal.

thelma & louise are riding shotgun, jack kerouac is our north star, & willie nelson is our navigator (he’s kind of like an imaginary friend…this is completely normal. to have willie nelson as an imaginary friend).

y’all keep up with our adventures via twitter and instagram…my current mental state can be checked via my personal twitter account. postcards and tacky souvenirs promised.

P.S. survival tips are welcome…please send SOS suggestions ASAP.

P.S.S. click here (route 66-ish board, texas road-trippin’ board, & roadtrip board) for a little peek into our route 66 fairy tale roadtrip that lives in our mind…stay tuned for results on the real roadtrip.

P.S.S.S. comment below and let us know any must-see stops, places to eat, & tacky photo ops along the way!!

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it’s been a long, long, loooooong time coming….a home goods photoshoot. but we did it. we FINALLY did it.

it only took us 16 years, but yes, we finally did it. i guess you could say we didn’t want to rush into anything.

unless, of course, you count the photoshoot that we did 16 years ago…out in the pasture at our childhood home in overton….of the pillows mom and amie made…with a point and shoot 35mm camera…

i’m sure we both have large scrunchies in our hair here. and lots of RAVE hairspray. and possibly reebok high tops.

i like to think we’ve come a long way since then.

but then again i know amie still has a secret stash of giant scrunchies.

here’s our BORDER TOWN pinterest board for this shoot….which, btdubs (that’s “by the way” in case you missed my attempt at super cool acronym-isms), is another obsession of ours. pinterest. well, let me rephrase that…another obsession of amie’s. oh my lawdy. she’s pinteresting and she can’t get up. i mean, y’all. it’s serious. she is like the president of pinners anonymous. i ain’t kiddin’.

anywho…we were inspired by joshua tree, the historic turquoise trail, willie nelson (always), crusty old cowboy boots, the desert, cacti, dusty old vinyls, neon signs at motor courts, route 66, serapes at sunset…and soooo much more…


and thus….our shoot began…

bedside might have been my favorite…

with it’s funky, zen, hippie, cactus vibe. (yes, that’s an actual design aesthetic)

and i’m not sure why we did this….but we just couldn’t resist…it was mesmerizing….i’m just gonna say it. we video’d the incense burner. ain’t no shame in our game.

admit it. you were just entranced too, weren’t ya? it’s a sign of brilliance. really, it is.

a place to hang your hat…

and kick up your boots…

and then eat a little cheese with these ridiculously cute cheese markers…


sweet dreams, y’all. sweet dreams.

see more pics on our site…and stay tuned for moreeeeeee!!!

i leave you with this….

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that time we pretended we were green day.

we might have been just slightly too excited about our little green day airstream project….or maybe just a little too “into” the whole thing…

i’m not sure what happened here. but it is slightly feasible that we maybe got caught up in the moment.

maybe. just a little.

but truth be told, we were really, really honored and pretty darn speechless to be included on anything that had the 2 words green & day in the same sentence. because, like 31 million other people in the world, we LOVE green day.

if you missed last friday’s episode, you can catch it again this FRIDAY (5/29 at 10:30/9:30pm CST)…but in the meantime…you can shop the collection here.

keep scrolling to see a grand tour of the finished product. april pizana‘s photos are a little thing i like to call magic.

and although we were worlds away from the sand and surf that this airstream is intended for…

but while the longhorns were watching through the windows of the airstream…

we were definitely getting in the groove…

the zen-surfer-rockstar groove…

as many of you may know, amie’s a little pinterest happy ALL. THE. TIME. and this project was no exception…for our inspirations, look here. AND CLICK HERE to shop all the goods!

be sure to hop on over to april’s blog for even more pictures! and don’t forget to watch the airstream transformation in action on great american country this friday at 10:30/9:30pm!


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green day – the time of our life.

there’s this picture. that we just can’t quit staring at…

because it feels very, very surreal.

yes, that’s billie joe armstrong of GREEN DAY standing by his JG airstream.

maybe it’s because the memory of listening to my dookie tape (you read that right…the cassette tape…in a tape deck) is so vivid…and sitting up late, late at night watching insomniac theater on VH1 just to catch their latest videos. it’s because there is something about GREEN DAY that makes them larger than life. because they are the kings of punk rock. the rock ‘n roll hall of famers that are not only one of the best selling bands of all time but they are also a testament to the american dream and to the fact that really, really, REALLY big dreams really can come true.

because i know you agree with me when i say that it is wildly RANDOM that we received a call one day from billie joe armstrong’s wife, adrienne armstrong. i mean who in the whole entire world could have ever predicted that? green day is calling US? us little ole junkers out here in texas? i remember the day amie called to tell me she had just hung up the phone with adrienne armstrong…i was at the roller skating rink…ummm, yes that’s right…i was at the roller skating rink. apparently adrienne was wanting a very special gift for billie joe for their 20th wedding anniversary….and we were just the ones for the job.

here it is in her words…

“Billie Joe & I met in my home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 4, 1990. Four years later on July 2, 1994 we married in the backyard of our Berkeley, CA home. We have been on an epic adventure ever since – raising kids and animals, creating a home, working and traveling and experiencing the many ups, downs & in-betweens of life together as a family.

As our 20 year wedding anniversary was approaching, I knew I wanted to get him a vintage Airstream.  We had talked about getting one over the years and how fun it would be to travel the coast, stopping at surf breaks along the way. I started looking online for interior ideas and Miranda Lambert’s and Dierks Bentley’s Airstreams kept coming up in image searches.  So I tracked down The Junk Gypsies. I would have tried to do the project myself but I didn’t know the first thing about Airstreams. I was hoping they could fix it up and make it work for him. This has been such a fun experience working with them. They truly got  what I wanted to do for Billie Joe. To create a surf shack on wheels.  A cozy, laid back space to hang out & drink his morning coffee while  listening  to his favorite records. This cute baby is going to be with us for this next chapter in our family adventure.  And I am so grateful to Amie & Jolie for making this happen.

here’s their sweetest-ever wedding picture from 20 years ago…

and here is billie joe and adrienne with their kids when GREEN DAY was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame last month…

and here’s proof that amie and i are much better airstream renovators than we are rockstars…although there is some serious inner-rockstar wannabe action happening here…

i won’t mention the fact that while filming this, i think i threw out my neck (how do they do it??….maybe i’m not rockstar material….i’m also tone deaf).

but in all seriousness…we’ve spent about a year getting to know adrienne, and their love for each other is really so amazing and so authentic. we’re in love with their love story. it is the REAL DEAL. and, there is no doubt that adrienne is possibly one of the sweetest souls we’ve ever known…and that, together, they have conquered the world. and we are so incredibly thankful from the bottom of our texas hearts that we were able to be a part of this story…because it has added such a wonderful, inspiring, and sublimely beautiful piece to our junky puzzle of life.

we’ll be posting lots of pics soon so y’all stay tuned!!! and get ready for tonight!!! #TGIJF with us and green day!!! wooo-hoooo!!!


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