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Meet DaWN…

{dAWN FitZGeRALD...producer extraordinaire & all-around great girl}

SoME of you may have noticed her at WaRRENTON during the FLeaMARKET last fall…

{AmIE & DaWN...tent set-up...FALL 2009}

she was quite elusive…but her, dean, LiLA, and ChRiS came to TeXAS from across the globe to experience and document the much-talked about and very much-beloved RouND ToP antiques week.

{dEaN & DAWN filming amy allen in the tent...FALL 2009}

BuT let me start at the beginning…

our friendship with dawn first began 3 years ago with a single phone call…we had received phone calls like this before and were always humbled and amazed but this one was different…this one had HEaRT. and SouL. and TRUtH.

DaWN introduced herself as a TV producer, having highly-acclaimed projects on her resume such as IcE RoaD TruCKERS. This time shE was interested in documenting the JuNK GypSY story because it was close to her heart.

and at the point where we had often become disheartened in the past, we found ourselves feeling like we’d found a kindred spirit. ShE wasn’t the biggest or flashiest producer we spoke with…but we knew we had to treat this decision like we had everything else in our business…we had to go with our gut.

So last FaLL, DaWN & company loaded up and headed south…to the AnTIQUES show – where it rained and rained and rained and rained. We worKED. we laughed. we got soaked. By the end of the 2 weeks, we all felt like family…

{hangin' in the tent....}

they entertained us….

{ChRIS & DeAN...providing the entertainment}

serenaded us….

{ChRIS & CaSH BakER makin' sweet music}

and put up with us….

{loadin up in the STuDEBAKER....takin her for a spin...look out y'all, it's about to get crazzzzzy!}

So here we are… 3 yeaRS, a lotta laughs, a-whole-heckuva-lotta-paperwork, endless phone calls, and a couple of hundred sleepless nights later….about to board a jet plane.

LaST week we received HuGE news-we’re moving forward with a JuNK GypSY television show-and now we’re headin out to LA. WiTH a pocketFuL o’ SuNSHINE….

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I junK, therefore i aM. OuR MoTTO. PinK SaDDLES to TumBLEWEEDS….

because this is a business built on JuNK, the love of JunK, and all things junKY…we decided to dig through some of our old pics and post some of our FaVORiTe finds over the past few years. FroM PinK SaDDLES to TuMBLEWeeDS…DAiRY QuEEN to VaNiLLA iCE…neon ARMADiLLOs to PLasTIC piRATE chests…

{the NEoN ARMADiLLO...seriously y'all, does it get any better?}

 and here’s a shot of us getting it from here to there…

{this baby is HUUUUUGE. originally from beaumont, texas...but we bought it from some junker friends outta KaNSAS}

{who in this whole wide world DOESN'T need a hollow, plaster, life-size burro??!}

{this AwESOME PiNK saddle inspired us to create the 'cotton candy cowgirl' design...luuuv it!}

 one of AMiE’s FaVORiTES…

{retro-style PLasTIC pirate chest...she likes the classy stuff!}

 one of MoM’s prized finds…

{one of our FavORITE all-time FInDS! this baby ain't FoR SaLE!}

we later discovered this same crown is lit up like the 4th of JuLY in one of PinK’s videos…complete with ProM dress and carnival rides!

and just this past MarCH, we stumbled upon this InCReDIBLE find…

{a HUGE 5'X4' LeTTERMAN-signed oil painting}

 we’re not sure what it’s worth…apparently these were sold through the JC PeNNEY catalog years ago…mom, amie and i just fell in love with the sweet image.

and we’ll ALwaYS love this old SoFA…we used it for our first photoshoot EvER….10 years ago…

{we bought this off the back of a junker friend's truck...and we still have it here in the warehouse}

and here’s DaD…hangin our ‘everybody-thought-we-were-crazy’ tumbleweed!

{aaaand it sold within minutes of hangin it!}

{amie found this old diner-style table-top jukebox! a REaLLY rare find!}

{this SaILFISh was a whopper and a keeper! we didn't throw this one back!}

and years ago, amie and mom found these old FiBERGLass TuLip-shape PLanters in a pile of rubbish in GRoeSBECk, TExAS…we think they were from a ChRISTMAS float

{3 total...they took up the whole trailer...but they were oh-so-worth-it!}

and here’s another high-dollar, fancy-schmancy find…

{yep, that's right. VaNILLA ice one, get one free at HeCTORS!}

after a day of JunKin…loaded to the brim!

{time to head home...loaded to the brim!}


and last but certainly NOT least….

{LaRGE MarGE...our pink JUnKIn ride}

purchased for $400…formerly the OVERTON (our beloved alma mater) FFA suburban.

stay TuNED as we keep diggin thru old pics! and even better than the GreAT JUNk we’ve found are the amazing people we’ve met along the way…their stories coming soooooon! 

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ThE BaLLad of JaYNE…things ain’t always what they seem…

it was recently (about half an hour ago) brought to mine and amie’s attention that while we consider the moniker of ThE BaLLAD of JaYNE cuff deeply symbolic and of epic importance; this profoundly well-thought-out name (by amie and yours truly) was meaningless to the 20-somethings that work here at junk gypsy. and because this seems so completely tragic to amie and me, it only seemed appropriate that we should explain The BaLLaD of JaYNE to all the deprived souls out there…

this is ThE BaLLAD of JaYNE cuff

when amie and i looked at this image, the song ‘The BaLLAD of JaYNE’ was all we could think of. it’s all we could hear in our heads. the lyrics, the guitars. the cuff is rock n’ roll, it’s beautiful, and it’s the perfect contradiction of bad and good…the skull and the rose…similar to the hard-core, metal band LA GuNS belting out a beautiful heartbreaking song, a ballad…about JaYNE.

and for those that are soooo tragically unaware of a band called LA GuNS and a single titled The BaLLAD of JAyNE…read on…

this is LA GuNS:

{yep, back in the day of big-hair bands and hard-core rock...ahhhh, the good ole days}

 and here’s the lead singer, PhiL LewIS…

{we're totally diggin on his rock 'n roll style with vintage boots}

we know, we know…GeoRGE STraiT they ain’t…but a southern girl’s gotta rock! and this song’s got SouL

here’s the ToP-HAT wearin, orchestra-playin, ballad-singin’ video…CLiCK HERE!

you ABSoLUTELY MUST watch it!!!…and then come back here for the rest of the story….


The BaLLAd of JAYNE…a tragically beautiful ode to the iconic JaYNE MAnSFIELD…one of the leading sex symbols of the 1950′s…

JaYNE attended the UniVERSITY of TEXAS… (she was extremely intelligent with a very high IQ, spoke 5 languages, and was an accomplished pianist and violinist) and then moved on to LA to pursue a career in acting. She was a HoLLYWOOD icon…appearing in movies, on BroADWAY, and in PLayBOY.

she built a HuGE palace & painted it PinK…hence, the name the PinK PaLACE

{from a heart-shaped pool to a heart-shaped was over-the-top PiNK glamour!}

there were pink furs in the bathrooms along with PinK shag carpet

and did i mention the fountain that spurted PinK champagne??

and then…tragedy struck on the side of the road near SLidELL, LouiSIANA…

JaYNE lost her life late that night in a car accident at the age of 34. Her kids (one of them mariska hargitayremained safe in the back seat.

{mariska hargitay of LaW & ORdER SVU...actress supreme and hardworking humanitarian}

 we both loved this song back in high school…i remember buying the cassette single.

{the original cover for the cassette single}

 amie was inspired by these graphics loooong ago. she grabbed her map pencils and drawing paper and recreated her own version of this cover…that we later framed and had hanging in our trailer all through college…(we’ve searched the warehouse high and low for her drawing but alas, the creation eludes us.)

while taking this little walk down music memory lane, we found our old tape case…

{our old tape case, circa 1980-somethin...milli vanilli, dwight, bon jovi, poison, the eagles, personalized mix tapes & more...yeah, baby!}

{love this pic...rockstar fashion never goes outta style}

get their RoCKSTAR look on our site…

  • CLaSSiC ToP haTS…black or GrAY…throw on a vintage satin flower or brooch for a really great look!

  • vintage-looking or new vests…& jaCKETS

  • acid-washed tanks … LovE this piC!

  • BooTS…vintage or new

  • VinTAGE style rosaries…we layer these up like crazzzzy! LoVE ‘em!

{add yer own ripped-up jeans and you're rock 'n rollin', baby!}

and another little note regarding LA GunS…2 of the original founders, Tracii GuNS & Axl RoSE went on to later form the band…yep, you got it…GuNS N’ RoSeS.

“now she’s breakin’ hearts in heaven,
shining bright in the sky.
i still hear her voice in the wind,
i still think of you in the night.”

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