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LeT FrEEdom RiNG…texas-style…

i’d heard about the legendary RouND ToP 4th of JuLY parade for years, the oldest 4th of JuLY parade this side of the MiSSiSSiPPi. i’d read about it & seen pictures. i’d been told about the tractors, the longhorns, the floats…

{a great day for sky, AmeriCAN FLaG, spectators dressed up in their patriotic-finery}

but nothing could have prepared me for the feeling of actually being there…standing amongst all the thousands of PaTRioTiCALLY PRouD people in the middle of the SqUARE in RouND ToP, TeXAS on the 4th of JuLY. feeling like i was an extra in a scene straight outta HoPE FLoaTS or like i’d gotten lost somewhere between MayBERRY & HaZZARd CounTY.

 pride. excitement. happiness. freedom.

get ready y’all, this is how we do it in texas…

GoVERNOR RiCK pERRY, the STar-Spangled BaNNER, a prayer, and a BLaST of the OFFiCiAL war cannon kick off the parade…

{GoVERNOR RiCK pERRY giving the kick-off speech...(this was right after he told me he liked my boots :))}

and speakin’ of boots…here’s me, T-SmiTTY, and CB pre-parade…

amie & InDIE GuS (aka…my doodleBuG)

LeT the parade begin!!!  from FaiR QUeeNS…



and BoRN on the 4th of JuLY FLoATS…


to roDEO quEENS,


ReDNECK KinGS…or something…actually, i’m really not sure what to say about this next one, except maybe apologize to you, the reader…

and HaPPY dAYS at the RaNCH…


to the GrAND priZE winner, RoYERS CaFE FLoat…complete with a ‘larger-than-life’ image of BuD RoyER on the front of the truck and GiANT-size pies!

and just a few more of my teXAS-style favES…

FARMaLL tractors… 

sweet little angels on HOrSEBACK,

PoLitiCIANS on stilts,

and of course ridin’ LonGHOrNS bareback-style…

{a whole herd of longhorns...only in TeXAS, y'all}

spectators drinkin’ mint juleps southern-style,

{actually, i think they're drinking bottled water but in my mind they're drinking mint juleps and saying "it's a mighty fine aftanoon for ah pahrade...why don't y'all come on (pronounced 'own') up an' sit uh spell?"}

and does it get any better than this….

i think not.

GoD BLeSS y’all. and GoD BleSS AmERiCA.

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when in rome…

or in our case, when in LA….    

{in TeXAS, some might call these handle-less coffee mugs a bowl...}

but in this PaRIS-inspired coffee shop in LA, it’s a JaVA holder. a coffee cup. a top-o’-the-mornin-shot-o’-caffeine-to-get-ya-goin container. we stayed at our sweet friend & ShABBY ChiC pioneer, RaCHEL AShWELL’s house in brentwood and this cafe was just a short little skip from her lavender-filled backyard.    

{do as the LA'ers do...}

soooooo, we’re back from our biggo GriSWALD-esque trip to LA. and we managed to squeeze in some serious sight-seeing in between our itinerary of meetings…    


we went. we saw. we ate. we drank. we rented a 15-passenger GOOd Timin’ VaN (which the kids quickly dubbed the ‘happy van’) and decided to go on a lil roadtrip.    

{we were sooooo cool cruisin' in this super sweet ride....}

and i’m quite sure EvERYONE was checkin out our super-fly set o’ wheels with envy! admit it, who DoESN’t want a happy van?!    

our trip in a nutshell….    

JaNIE & AmiE had near panic attacks in the SaNTA YNeZ mountains.    

{don't look EthEL!}


which was right before we got lost and flagged some nice man down in the middle of the road for directions. HowEVEr, JanIE quickly got better after a stop at the GaINEY ViNEYaRD winery…    

{yes, she really was THIS excited to be OUT of a moving vehicle and INSIDE a winery!:)}

we checked out the breathtaking Nojoqui waterfall nestled deeeeeep way out in the middle of good-gawsh nowhere…    

{just a short (and beautiful) hike from the main park...}

DaD and my husband, ToDD (aka T.SMiTTY), looked like they took a wrong turn headed to the OK CoRRAL and ended up on the beach in their jeans and cowboy boots (ya know what they say….you can take the boy outta the country but you can’t take the country outta the boy…).  

{daD sportin the country boy-beach collection}

we cruised the beach tourist-style in one of these awesomely cool bicyles!    

{a kodak moment before we hit the trail...}

annnnnd then……   

{you might be a redneck if you try to off-road in a 4-wheeled, 6-seater bike...}

and most importantly, in our meetings we met some of the nicest folks EvER that showed us that true SouTHERN hospitality is alive and well on the WeST coAST and for that we are soooo TRULY thankful from the bottom of our heaRTS.   

Here’s a CLiFFS notes version of our many meetings…what went down, number of times we cried during our meetings, how many times i ate falafel, and what’s comin to a TV near you:   

  • we met with the MOST wonderful people that were kind, sincere, and humble (XOOXO to all of you!!)
  • we will be OFFiCIALLY filming a PiLOT for a JuNK GyPSY show next month (august 2010)
  • from JunK-a-PaLOOZa to roadtrips to AiRSTREAM makeovers…it’s all comin to a netWORK near you!
  • air daTE and network to be announced soooooon…we promise to keep ya posted!
  • number of times we cried: i think i lost count at around 6…we tend to get a little misty when we talk about JuNK GypSY, our family, and all of you that have let JG become a part of your lives! It was hilarious and embarassing at the same time…kinda like a chain reaction…one of us would start getting a little teary-eyed and the next thing ya know, we’d all be cryin like babies!


 and oh yeah…number of times i ate falafel: 9 …and oh my goodness, this PLaCE had THE bEST FaLAFEL EvER! …smack dab in the middle of the BreNTWOOD countRY MART (where we happened to see the beautiful BrooKE ShieLDS). 

{the BreNTWooD CounTRY MarT post office}*photo

Speaking of ThE BreNTWOOD CounTRY MARt…we LoVED this place! and were totally LUCKY to catch their soooo cool retro outdoor movie night…featuring Singin in the RaIN! popcorn, snacks, and kid-size directors chairs! 

and of course, no trip is complete without a stop at a local juNK ShoP… 


SiGNING off from GypSYViLLE…lots of big LoVE to all of you and to everyone at our new NeTWORK home for believing in our lil homegrown company! XOXOXXOOXOXO! 

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