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August 2010

  • tough as a peanut patty on the goober side….

    HaVE i mentioned that we’re all a little under the weather? and janie’s making us drink this…. as DaD, amie, and I were choking (translation: gagging) it down…dad asked if it was alfalfa. MoM was…

    August 19, 2010
  • To GypSYViLLE & BEyOND.

    ThiS weekend…while our good friends, OLLy & RiCHARD, of FLaT EaRTH DeSiGNS were here… we were here… gearin up for our BiGGO, GaLACTIC JuNK-A-PaLOOZA! AnD we received a JaMES BoNd-esque phone tip of a TV…

    August 16, 2010
  • ThE GooD. THe baD. The juNKY.

    ToDAY… amy allen (aka ArCHIE) showed up with PinK and PuRPLe stripes in her hair HiLARY brought PauLA DEEN buttttttah pound cake BryAN (aka CrAZY LEGS, IcEPICK, EaRL, SnAKE BiTE) strongly feels the DiSCOVERY…

    August 11, 2010
  • mucho LoCO…with a side o’ crazy.

    yep, it’s true. we’re bonafide, for sure, certifiably muyyyy loco. (that’s crazy for the spanish-challenged) and here’s just a few reasons why… we’re gearin up for a BiGGO, GaLACTIC JuNK-A-PaLOOZA WaREHOUSE SaLE to be held in just…

    August 10, 2010