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good stuff.

sooooo, due to a plethora of factors it’s gettin all kinds o’ crazy up in here…

but we really wanted to take a minute to share a couple of little thangs with ya…a few little pieces o’ sunshine that brightened our day…good stuff.

just sittin in my inbox a couple of days ago was the following email…i wanted to read it aloud to amie and mom but knew i’d get all sloppy and sobby and snotty soooo i just hit forward….i think you’ll feel the same way…

“my fighter shirt arrived yesterday and couldn’t have come at a better moment. My dad Jerry Warren is on the back of shirt #4 and I was just wishing I had him here (shoot I wish that every day) to guide me through a situation. I kept wondering what he would want me to do and realized he would want me to push through what was bothering me and figure it out. In other words fight on. I swear, 10 minutes later UPS pulled up and there was the Fighter Tee…The beauty of the timing isn’t wasted on me.

I pulled it over what I had on and wore it all afternoon and I woke up today better for it.  I just wanted you to know that this shirts affected me in so many ways.  To run my fingers over the names on the back  is emotional and I feel like I am carrying those people with me as I wear that shirt. Their loved ones and I are joined and its an amazing and beautiful thing you girls did with these shirts. I love what you do always, I love this more.” ~ Barbara

and today…she sent this…received from a friend of customer of hers…

“I love the connection….It’s strange but everytime I pull that shirt out of the closet…I always give it hug…You’re right…It is sooo much more…I’ am not sure what…It just is…”

thank you, barbara for making our day! i can’t quit reading this! XOXOOXXXO!

and on an entirely different note…(our minds are kinda all over the place right now:)), y’all just gotta check out this blog post from country chic, fashionista on the farm, ThE FaRMER’S TropHY WiFE. because, of COURSE, neither mom, nor amie, nor i know what we’re wearin to this little shindig comin’ up….

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so that’s it…short & sweet! mucho work to do! mucho thanks to give! mucho more to tell but that’ll have to waitttt!!!! more laterrrrrr!!!!

April 28, 2011   20 Comments

“you do know we’re junkers, right?”

hello old friends…yes, it’s been awhile. and for that, i have no excuses except to say that our current project is, to say the least, consuming us.

so this is how it all started. this is how the project began…

with a text…and a picture… and a phone call…

on mothers day, may 2010.

the texts were from bev and miranda lambert. the picture, from miranda. and the phone calls…well, i don’t even remember now…

mom, amie & i were on the road weaving our way through the hill country…in and out of signal. bev lambert was excitedly calling and texting all of our phones…and finally, one of her calls came through. miranda had gotten engaged the day before.

and when miranda asked us to help with the wedding reception, we promptly responded: “you do know we’re junkers, right?!”. only miranda would ask a group of junkers to deck out her WEDDDDDDING. one of the biggest events in her life. only miranda would ask people that have never, ever, everrrrrrr been wedding planners, wedding coordinators, or wedding decorators to deck out HER wedding. hell, i haven’t ever even watched an episode of bridezillas, say yes to the dress, or my redneck wedding! (but, i did see my big, fat, greek wedding…does that count?!).

so here we are, almost a year later, the BiG DaY is less than a month away. and our sanity walked out the back door weeks ago. we’re completely gypsy-fyin’ the reception (aka southern RoCKStAR glamour & grit party central) at the venue. and in true small-town, country-girl, anti-diva, miranda form, she’s left it completely in our hands. no opinions on color palettes, theme, or layout. she just keeps saying “do what y’all do, i trust y’all”…. and i think in a perfect world this should probably relax us…… right?

complete control. all decisions. no direction. “do what you do.” where’s my wine?

April 20, 2011   27 Comments