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YOu GONNA pull them pistols or WhiSTLE diXIE?

the PiSTOL ANNie’S are comin to town!!

3 guitar-slingin, songwritin’, heartbreakin’, honky-tonkin’ girls…

their BRAND-new, already-hot-on-the-charts, debut album will be RELEASED tomorrow…it’s chock full of soulful, swanky, gritty, sayin-what-ya-mean & meanin’-what-ya-say country tunes.

it’s 3 girls with their guitars making sweet southern music.

it’s a trailblazin’ first album that is just the beginning of great things.

it’s back to the basics.

it’s talent beyond belief.

and we PROMISE you’re gonna LOVE it.

from hell on heels to boys from the south, the songs are REAL. and empowering. and TENDER.

introducing the ANNIE’s…

HiPPIE ANNIE…aka ASHLEY MONROE…our sweetheart friend from TENNESSEE

{me and ashley on our girls RiVER sister trip}

HoLLER ANNIE…aka ANGALEENA PreSLEY…the coal miner’s daughter from KeNTUCKY
the PiSTOLS at JuNK-O-RaMA prom…
and finally…LoNE STaR ANNiE…aka MirANDA LAmBERt…from the piney woods of EaST TEXAS

ran, bev, & amie after a long day of wedding preparations…

in MiRANDA’s newly gypsy-fide AiRSTREAM at JuNK-O-RaMA ProM…

read their bios here! (click MEET THE ANNIES)

LooK out y’all, the PiSTOL ANNIE’s are comin to town…

and the WiLD, wiLD west was never the same…

pre-ordER the new album HERE! AVAiLABLE EvERYWHERE AuGUST 23!!!

AND be sure to check out our PiSTOL ANNie SECtion ONLINE…tons o’ smokin’ hot PiSTOL ANNIE gear!

PiSTOL ANNiE logo designed by JG exclusive for the PiSTOLS…get yer GOODS!

now if they only made the album in vinyl…

August 22, 2011   22 Comments

dashboard therapy.

maybe this is the reason they call it the dog days of summer. maybe it’s the convection-oven heat here in texas, the desert-like dryness, or maybe it’s just good-ole writers block…but i was starting to feel a little un-inspired last week.

and then, i took a roadtrip.

and an amazing thing happened.


it blew through my hair as i was driving down the road. it hummed in my ears as i LISTENED (actually, really, listened) to great roadtripping tunes. (have you heard ‘give it away’ by the trishas?!..lovin it.). it glided through my fingers as i hung my arm out of the window. it raced ahead of me and followed behind me.

this was my journey.

and my destination, was more than a destination. it was a good-for-the-soul-like-chicken-noodle-soup kinda time. a sisters river trip like no other.

just a bunch o’ girls…really awesome, inspiring girls. floatin’ the river, eatin’ homemade meatloaf (good gawsh almighty, bev lambert can make her some meatloaf!), and having really long, really great, [some simple and some profoundly life-changing] conversations.

and i got to thinking…we ALL need this. (whether you think you need it or not, trust me…YOU DO.) we ALL need a little roadtrip every now and then. a little soul vacation. a little freedom to think. and to listen. and to be.

so this post is my tribute to the great american roadtrip. the griswold-style vacation. the makin’-memories-that-last-a-lifetime adventure. the “nobody puts baby in the corner” summer.

“the open road is beckoning, a strangeness, a place where a man can lose himself.” ~william least heat moon

here in gypsyville, we believe the best roadtrips have no destination. turning your cell phone on silent. leaving the laptop behind and not using GPS. because the greatest parts of the roadtrip are the spontaneous, unplanned pitstops….the greasy spoon roadside diners, the endless historical markers, and the waiting-to-be discovered mysteries of the road.

grab your travel bingo.

and go forth.

into the wild blue yonder.

“people don’t take trips, trips take people.” ~steinbeck

“well, we’re not in the middle of nowhere, but i can see it from here.” ~louise, thelma & louise

“the air was soft, the stars so fine, the promise of every cobbled alley so great that i thought i was in a dream.” ~jack kerouac

P.S. ‘GiVE IT AWAY’ by the trishas…you MuST get this song…just 99cents, y’all! seriously. do it NOW. it just makes me happy.

August 8, 2011   48 Comments