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hgtv. home is where the junk is.

HGTV. {pinch me now}. our new home. hgtv.

{just call me KaT von D :)}



{HGTV inspiration at antiques week}


{corey baby, our audio stud & heather of HGTV rockin the OFFICIAL JG tattoo!}

that’s right, in case you haven’t heard…one of HGTV’s newest design series set to launch in 2012 is…JUNK GypSIES! it’ll be a design show based on the JUNK GypSY style and philosophy…with a little bit o’ roadtrippin, junkin’, and repurposing thrown in! AND thanks to the amazing, wonderful people over at HGTV, we won’t be changing a thing about us or our style. it’s just us. doing our thang…

{at junk-o-RaMA prom...a biggo good time!}

we like to think of it as if we’re goodwill ambassadors of junk…spreading junk karma across the world…for the goodness of mankind and peace on earth.

{amie inkin' the crew...JaSON feelin' the pain}

{annnnd...corey baby dryin the JG tat}

in case you don’t recall our last TV experience…a ‘to-remain-unnamed’ network wanted amie & i to argue with each other and to haggle with junkers over prices. WhiCH is when we had to remind them that almost everything in our world is for sale…. except our souls.


we believe, as does HGTV, that AMERicA needs more ‘happy’ and less ‘controversy’ on TV. we believe y’all want more uplifting and less “honey, change the channel the kids are in the room” kind of shows. and most of all, we BELiEVE in being TRUE to ourselves and in staying true to YOU. our loyal and faithful and protective and “don’t-mess-with-our-junk-gypsies-or-i’ll-kick-your-booty” friends!

here’s one of the OFFiCIAL HGTV press releases in VARIETY…{pinch me again}

HGTV flew in all the way from HGTV-city to promote the new JG series at antiques week! AND…they gave out FREE jg tattoos, bags, and totally cheap-chic flashy glow button things!

the official HGTV/jg freeeee tote bags….

{...made my heart go pitter-patter}

my favorite 4-letter word. HGTV. ok, so maybe it’s not a word, but it should be. and if it was, it would be my FAVORITE 4-letter word in the universe. AND not JUST because the new JG series will be on HGTV.

{the official HGTV-JG logo}

and not just because my new BFF, emily henderson is on HGTV.

{me & em (her BFF's call her em) in the HGTV tent}

no sir, the reasons are infinite. and i’m so proud of each and every stinkin reason. and we’re all so proud to be a part of the HGTV family.

and in my opinion, home is where the junk is.

{did i mention the HGTV tent at antiques week?!}

{their oh-so-cute, totally awesome tent! decked out by our good friend, winnie mauch}


the SCOOP: **exclusive HGTV sneak peek on FACEBOOK - NOVEMbeR 25

**SNEAK peek airs on HGTV – NOveMBER 27

**series begins in MARCH, 2012!!!!!

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