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concrete & tv crews…

we’ve been a little off the radar lately…but we assure you, it’s all been for a good cause. for the cause of spreading goodwill and junk karma across the globe. it’s been for the love of junk. and for the love of the road.

2 excuses. that’s what we’ve got: 1)concrete. 2) tv crews

1) concrete – it’s been a long wait…it’s been 12 years in the making…and FINALLY…we’re building our first-EVER stoRE! (*read our ‘there goes the neighborhood’ blog here to catch up*)

{best. day. EVER.}

 a junky home for all our junky stuff. a place for our junky friends. a place of happy thoughts and happy things.

{the whole family. it takes a village.}

 the concrete is poured. we’ve left our mark. the walls start going up soon!

{the big rigs makin it happen}

 and the other little thing we’ve been working on…

2) tv crews

{LaRGE MaRGE gettin’ her close-up}

we’ve been filming a little TV series for everybody’s most favorite network, HGTV.

yep, JUNK gypsies is coming to a TV near you!

{hgtv's official junk gypsies promo stuff...bad to the bone tattoos!}


here’s some of our extremely, amazingly, awesomely, cool crew…

{such a mature group. :)XO!}

 so here’s the big scoop. the low-down. the 411. the what. the when. the how now brown cow. oh wait, that’s another blog…

this is where it gets confusing. so readdddd slowwwwwwwww.

friday, 11/25 - HGTV will be airing a FAN exclusive video on FACEBOOK. you can check it out from 12pm/11CST-midnight and watch a 5-7 minute teaser reel. you must be a FACEBOOk fan to watch so be sure to become a junk gypsy FAN on HGTV’s page here!

****SUNdAY, 11/27 - (this is when my heart starts to jump out of my chest). HGTV will air the series pilot as a SNEAK PEEK on TV. this will be the first FULL episode!!! 7/6CST on HGTV!! dishTV posted a too-kind article this week that we so appreciate!! read here!****

SatuRDAY, 12/10 - a super-SwANKY, super-special DECemBER JuNK-O-RaMA prom will be held at MarBURGER farms in RounD top, TEXAS. spit-shine those boots & dress in your swankiest vintage glam! HGTV will be here to film the petticoat finery and the boot scootin’ good time! 4-10pm. MaRK those calendars & be sure to make room reservations now…STaY tuned! more details forthcoming!!!

JanUARY/FeBRUARY 2012 - LooK for us in an upcoming issue of HGTV magazine!! SuBSCRiBE HERE for only $15 buckaroos!

MArCH 2012 - the OFFiciAL junk gypsies series starts on HGTV! let’s have junky premiere parties across the states! we’ll hook you up with goodie bags! we have a limited supply so be sure to email here for more info:

too much info?? never fear! HGTV has set up a texting hotline with updates and reminders! TEXT ‘HGTVjunk’ to 66789 to stay up to date!!!

whew! i think that’s it for now…

so in honor of ThaNKGIVING and in honor of turkey dinners, aunt alice’s homemade rolls, and griswald-style family time….here’s to y’all. everyone of you. thanks for being our compadres and our fellow lovers of junk for the past 12 years. thanks for being junky when junky wasn’t cool.

our cups runneth over.

i thought you might want to glance back at 2 of my warm-fuzzy blogs… of sticks & stones. and the cowboy & the gypsy … it just seems like the thing to do this time of year…



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