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why dream ordinary.

there’s a little place here in round top that we love to go…

with a little quote that we love to read…

the round top library. a place for families, a place for peace. a place with beautiful gardens where the butterflies promenade amongst the leaves and blooms and intoxicating smells.

with a quote from the pioneering james dick of festival hill. another of our favorite places. where the greatest musicians, composers, and artists from across the world come together. where the gardens last for acres and acres. where you’ll get lost in the sanctuary of beauty, thinking you’re in a faraway land. where mother nature is heralded and you’ll thank the stars above that you’ve been lucky enough to visit such an amazing place. quite possibly, heaven on earth.

February 29, 2012   11 Comments

ready or not.

ready or not…here we come!
it’s my favorite time of year…spring in TEXAS. bluebonnets, cool nights and sunny days…
and best of all…TEXAS antiques WEEK & JuNK-O-RaMA prom!
good times AHEaD!!!

it’s time for your soul vacation. it’s time for junk therapy.

spread the junk karma, y’all!

{big thanks to deB taylor for our anGELS of JuNK pic!}

February 24, 2012   19 Comments

ode to the letter…

i have been thinking about paper.  . . . and pens.

and the miraculous thing that those two things combined can make  . . .  a letter.

yes, a letter, a real letter! you know the kind we used to send and receive. pre-email. pre-text. pre-technology.

ahhh, yes, a letter. a letter. . . (insert lamenting voice here)

as I sit here fully embracing technology, yet in a bittersweet way.  blogging away in a medium that will be completely untraceable generations down the road I think about the longevity of paper and pen.

i think about the ceremony of letter writing. the sanctity of it all.

the thrill of a letter in the mailbox.

“ ah, a letter. . . . a letter.” (insert sigh with a deep breath.)

the hypnotic loops and curls of someone’s penmanship. the tear-stained, ink-blotted, dirty-fingerprinted, perfume-laced pages of a letter.

those are real.

those things, those tangible, heartfelt imprints of time, and place, and feeling, and friendship, and love, and passion . . . . those are real.

ask someone if they’ve ever cherished an email or a text.

held it to their heart.

carried it around in their wallet.

slept with it under their pillow.

smelled the fibers under the words.

we have a letter framed on the wall that our grandfather sent to our grandmother in the early 1900s, they were just teenagers.

and i can see the haphazard curve and slant of his pencil scrawled letters and i can slightly see a few similarities in my own handwriting. i can feel the excitement in the words as they get a little less precise as the letter grows longer. i can connect with him. i can connect with someone i never met, by reading and seeing and touching this piece of paper.

his love letter to the love of his life. folded, tattered, and torn from years of moving from place to place in our grandmother’s dresser drawer.

i wonder if any of our great grandchildren will someday cherish a text we sent to the love of our life? or an email?

more than likely they won’t frame our cell phones on the wall and display the texts.

that medium will be gone with the sands of time. gone with the next technological revolution.

deleted out of someone’s inbox. And gone forever.

damn thee technology! (if shakespeare were only here. . . )

but a letter, a handwritten note . . .  well, I dare say that will never be phased out.

so here . . on the eve of valentine’s day . . . i think what a wonderful present to send or receive. . . a letter or just a lil’ note to a dear friend or family member, to someone who has touched our lives, to a favorite teacher, or to the love of your life . . . . that way they know. without doubt. for all of time what we hold in our hearts for them.

and maybe just maybe . . . someday, a 100 years from now,  . . . it will be framed on someone’s wall . . . our thoughts, our words . . a lasting part of this world . . . a part of us that stays around long after we are gone. (unlike that blasted cell phone that’s sitting inches from all of us at this very moment. . . damn thee technology!)

so . . . i think i’ll quit typin’ now. . . and maybe just maybe pick up a piece of paper. and a pen. and see what happens. . .

long live the letter!

til then. . . all my love. . . amie

February 13, 2012   11 Comments

pure awesomeness.

there’s a new magazine in town…that’s right. HGTV decided pure awesomeness knows no bounds…and now they’ve come up with a new magazine that’s making me ask “where have you been all my life?”.

it’s full of vital-life-saving info! from household stuff you GOTTA know, to a peek inside genevieve‘s and tanika‘s homes, to the FATHER of the BriDE house, to tons of makeovers, ideas, and tips (clean your coffee pot every dozen brews??…who knew?!…guess i’m a little behind with my twice a year routine).

and the icing on the cake?

WE are featured in the february/march 2012 issue! yep, that’s right…i can’t believe it…junk gypsies and TEXAS antiques week in HGTV MAGAZINE (in case you can’t tell, i’m smiling as i type this).

click the pic for a little sneak peek at our article.

sooooo….here’s what you must do TODAY! go buy a magazine at your local wal-mart, grocery store, newsstand….AND SUBSCRIBE here to keep getting the pure awesomeness delivered to your door! seriously. do it now.

it’s ok, you can thank me later…oh ok, thank me now. you’re welcome!

pure. awesomeness.

February 10, 2012   16 Comments

hey now, honey child.

“west, on a plane bound west,/i see her stretched out below./land, blessed mother land,/the place where i was born./it’s been a long, hard ride,/got a ways to go./but this is still the place,/that we all call home.” -home, dierks bentley

this is us. with dierks.

in his newly decked out AMEriCANA-style airstream fit for a road warrior/troubadour/family man. compliments of the gypsies. we’ve known dierks for several years now and he is possibly the nicest guy ever.

we can’t help it. we’re lovers of all kinds o’ music.

from country to rap, from bluegrass & southern gospel to arena rock & big hair bands. from solid country gold to newfangled jams (one might say we have commitment issues).

one of our favorite albums ever is dierks‘, up on the ridge…it was gritty and raw and bluegrassy. it was authentic and gutsy. it was REAL. the lyrics were like something i couldn’t get enough of…

“hey now, honey child we’d be runnin’ free & wild/dance around in the dirt/listen to them crickets chirp./hear old jake start to howl,/when he hears that ol’ hoot owl./give you all i got to give,/that’s how we live up on the ridge.”

this album was a huge inspiration to us as we embarked upon one of our latest projects with dierks & HGTV

decorating his newly purchased airstream…

dierks has a new album being released tomorrow. the title track, home, is as comforting as apple pie and as graceful as those amber waves of grain. GeT it HERE!

& y’all don’t forget to watch for dierk’s new ‘gypsy-fide’ americana troubadour airstream in an upcoming junk gypsies-HGTV episode this spring!!!

February 6, 2012   14 Comments