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saturday night fever on HGTV.

well, i guess this makes it official. last night, under a little peer pressure, i clicked ‘search’ on my TV. i held my breath. gripped the remote a little firmer. and typed in the words ‘junk gypsies’….


and there it was.

it’s official, y’all. the junk gypsies series on HGTV premieres saturday, may 5 at 6pm central /7pm pacific & eastern!! set yo DVR! call yo friends! it’s cinco de mayo & the premiere of our hot off the press TV series! let’s eat tacos & celebrate!! ole!

here’s a review from our sneak peek back in novembER from the AV club & dish network.

yep, every saturday night we’re comin at ya…it’s saturday night fever on HGTV! 13 weeks of pure-dee junkiness, TeXAS roadtrippin, and power tools! get the TV dinners ready and have a family picnic EVERY saturday for 13 weeks!


April 24, 2012   45 Comments

HGTV rocks.

SXSW. one of the largest outdoor music festivals in the world. appropriately held in the live music capitol of the world…austin, texas. folks travel from near and far to attend SXSW…celebrities, rock stars, and media moguls. and this year, HGTV rocked the fest.


{presenting the studio by by you}

and when HGTV comes to town, they bring their A-game…

hosting their own venue…the STuDIO by hgtv…decorated by THE NOVOGRATZ…and featuring a stellar lineup of musicians.

and WE were invited to chill with our new buds, the property brothers

{chillin in the STuDIO by hgtv...decorated by THE NOVOGRATZ}

we made good use of the photobooth…



as rod stewart says, some guys have all the luck…

{showin drew some love...}

we graffiti’d…

{JG hearts HGTV}

we met some of the awesomely awesome geniouses behind the heart & soul at HGTV…

{bigggg hello to robyn & denise ...HGTV superheroes!!}


we made darn sure we weren’t grouchy or irritable when we grabbed some tacos down the road from the STUDIO…

{seriously y'all. don't be a hater}

 and saw austin as we’ve never seen it before…

{austin + approximately 300K people}

 and that’s the way HGTV rolls…


*thanks to sarah wilson & HGTV for all the awesome pics!

April 20, 2012   18 Comments