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long live boyhood.

“there comes a time in every rightly-constructed boy’s life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere & dig for hidden treasure.” -mark twain

this saturday night, you’ll meet asher.

{asher the boy scout}

an 11 year old boy…a boy with a big imagination and an untamed spirit.

for this makeover, we were inspired by all things wild and free. all things that symbolize boyhood.

adventure. nature. rebellion.

mark twain’s huck finn & tom sawyer…

{love this old book cover.}


the dangerous book for boys…

{boys, girls, young, old...if you don't have it, you MUST buy it.}

i love, love, love this book. amie bought it for cash baker when he was born and it’s one of my all time faves. a little boy must-have. it’s back to the basics. it’s all the good stuff every little boy should know. how to skip rocks, build a fire, make a battery, decipher spy code, significant historical heroes, fossils…and the list goes on and on. watch this with the boy in your life and he’ll be instantly hooked.

and although we’ve never, ever decorated a room for a boy this age…we both were exploding with inspiration. inspiration from simpler times…times when we were kids and we explored in the woods every day…building tree houses, making trails, collecting tadpoles, and digging for cow bones. times back when our dad was a boy in the country…fishing in the river, hunting, farming and running wild and free on the farm.

from retro flashlights and a campsite to old trucks and lots o’ rocks…it’s everything a little boy (or a big boy for that matter, because as amie and i have decided…boys never grow up…and that’s a GOOD thing) loves.

God bless boys. and dirt and rocks and fossils and bones and bugs and bruises and scrapes and really dirty hands and everything else that little boys bring in the house and scatter in our lives.

{thanks to crave photography for this shot that is beyond awesomeness.}


long live boyhood.


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2224 miles.

summertime always has us thinking of the great american roadtrip. the griswalds. taking the long way to every destination. not having a destination. stopping at every brewery, winery, or other type of factory along the way…stopping so dad can read every historical marker at every juncture. listening to mom say ‘look girls, look’ every 15 seconds.


ultimately, any roadtrip = memories. and that, my friends, is all that matters.
this popped up on our facebook page a few weeks ago. and we love it immensely. everything about it makes us happy. and i can’t quit staring at the picture…cadillac ranch, jg tattoos, jg grafitti, 2 girls (mandy & chandra), 1 roadtrip, 5 million memories.


read on…and be inspired.


Cadillac Ranch – last stop on the Fall 2011 TX Road Trip to see the Junk Gypsies & Warrenton Antique Week!

96 hours to rally 3 states,

cover 2,224 miles,

burn 125 gallons unleaded with

1,425 songs to choose from

3 cowboy hats and a wedding dress…

2 junk gypsy tatts

6 new girl friends at the community dinner table

1 piece of Royer’s strawberry rhubarb

1 Pistol Annies soundtrack later and we finally understood what this phenom was really about.

COUNTLESS memories that we will hold near and dear to our hearts forever!

Inspiration from the Junk Gypsies set our hearts dreaming of the open road to explore the curiosity sparked by rock & roll, cowgirl, bad a$$, eclectic images mixing from new clothing & necessities to antiquely fabulous “junk” that no girl should live without.

I have never seen anything like it in my life – God Bless Antique Week, the Junk Gypsies, Royer’s and all the amazing people we met along the way! We will never forget this trip and look forward to future run ins with the Junk Gypsies and the amazing people who keep this magical moment going from season to season – decade to decade. I love you & thank each and every one of you who take part preserving this amazing time capsule of Americana. Passing on different stories, and treasures for a new day.

The Junk Gypsies are amazing & we can’t wait to check out their HGTV show coming out in 2012!”


here’s to y’all, mandy & chandra!! we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking us on your epic roadtrip!


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archie’s greatest hits

she’s a rainbow chaser. a star gazer. a lover. a fighter. a daydream believer.

she’s amy allen (aka archie). she’s the voice you hear on the phone most of the time when you call junk gypsy. she’s our can’t-live-without-her, right-hand girl…but more than that, she’s a gift to our lives, our kids’ lives, and to junk gypsy. because we love her so much and wanted to do something oh-so-special for her, as a housewarming gift to her for her first-ever home, we were able to makeover her bedroom on one of our hgtv episodes.  

it all started about 7 years ago…in a bathroom, at a bar…when 2 girls collided. from that day forward, amy allen (who eventually became known as archie) joined our company and our family. the face of junk gypsy was forever changed.

never deny the power of fringe.

here’s what happened. amie & archie were at one of our fave little seedy bars, 3rd floor cantina in bryan, tx. the 2 strangers happened into the bathroom at the same time. archie (in true junk gypsy fashion) fell fast and hard for amie’s fringe purse and complimented her on it. friendly banter followed. and then, a few weeks later archie showed up at our warehouse for what became the first of many archie photoshoots…


{our first shoot with archie...back in the spring of 2006 ... thanks to sam franks of texas star digital}


{later that day...channeling edgar allan poe...and yes, i'm kneeled behind her holding the peacock feathers}

because she’s a free spirit, a misplaced hippie, a beautiful soul inside & out, inspiration for archie’s bedroom (which you’ll see the entire makeover this saturday night (6/23!!) was easy…from this…

{catching this}

to this…

and this…

Blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band
Pretty eyed, pirate smile, you’ll marry a music man

and now…some of archie’s greatest hits…

from glam supermodel…

{thanks to sam franks of texas star digital}

{thanks to sam franks of texas star digital}

{thanks to sam franks of texas star digital for this pic!!}


{thanks to sam franks of texas star digital}

to hardworkin’ trailer loader…

to the archie we know and love…

{thanks to junk gypsy for this picture}


{we'll take credit for this one too:)}

archie is REAL. she’s a hard-workin, big-hearted, southern girl who LOVES junk gypsy and LOVES all of you.

she’s been around the world and back to junk gypsy since that first photoshoot 6 years ago…all because of a fringe purse. GOD bless fringe.

why do we call her archie you ask? well, that’s another story…

but until then…be sure to catch this saturday’s episode on HGTV at 7pm PST/EST & 6pm CST featuring archie’s bohemian rhapsody bedroom!

June 21, 2012   77 Comments

from texas 2 nashville. via new york.

as we were flying over new york…our plane preparing to land, it all seemed very surreal. NEW YORK?! we’re about to land in new york city? land of lady liberty, central park (hellllllo, friends (ross, rachel, & the gang at central perk), the empire state building, brooklyn bridge, carrie bradshaw, trump tower), and ….. well, of course i could go on and on.

we’ve crossed many a dirtroad, backroad, and small town…but we’ve never been to new york. and there we were….about to land…. in NEW YORK.


{our view from the plane. helllllllo big apple}


once we landed and were headed downtown to our hotel, we saw this….


{yep, i'll take this as a good sign}

that’s right, God put this big ole double rainbow right over NY as we were headed to our hotel. AND, as if it couldn’t get any better…our hotel room looked right out at what we THOUGHT was the EMpiRE STATE BUILDING and later learned was the chrysler building. (thanks suzy!;) we’re NY virgins) a whole lot of awesomeness.

the next morning…we were shuttled off to 30 ROCK!!! yes, i just typed that….here, let me type it again… 30 ROCK.

with the courage of a jillion of y’all behind us, we quietly walked down a busy new york street. in our holey jeans and cowboy boots with a zillion butterflies in our stomachs…

as one of our long time friends and facebookers posted: “bring the holey jeans, girls. BRING it!”

we were amazingly honored (and NERVOUS!!:)) to be on the TODAY SHOW with hoda & kathie lee. we were invited to chat about how to make money from home…but of course, with hoda & kathie lee, everything is pretty impromptu and from what we had been told, you just never know what they’re going to say or do. and yes, this fact i think made both of us EVEN more nervous. so after a “go team” pep talk from our good friend, bobbie thomas, and with knees knocking and hands sweaty…we were LIVE…


seriously…2 of these nicest ladies everrrrrrr. they were amazing and sweet and kind and funny and they did everything they could to make us feel at ease…we both managed to not stutter, fall off of our stools, or do something otherwise mortifying and embarassing. 

in case you missed the segment and want to catch it…click here! AND thank y’all for all of the amazing tweets, emails, & fb posts of support!!! y’all are our red bull!

after our first ever live TV debut, we quickly loaded up in the car and headed for the airport nashville bound.

and although we didn’t get even a small glimpse of LADY LiBERTY in NEW YORK…


we did see DOLLY parton posing as the statue of liberty in nashville at the country music hall of fame…(but that’s a whole separate blog). 

we were asked to decorate ‘the HOOK up’ in ‘the LODGE’. the LODGE was the brainchild of HGTV/GAC …a super swanky presence at CMA FEST located smack dab in FAN ALLEY.

{shout out 2 our brother from another mother, cody bennett for this shot!}

the LODGE hosted superstar performances (we’re talkin little big town, thompson square, gary allan, scotty mccreery, kix brooks…the list goes on and on…), a WHITE ROOM CHALLENGE space (where your fave design stars themed out the space inspired by their fave country songs), ICE MY CUP in honor of vanilla ice (a moment of silence here please), a photobooth, AND the HOOK UP (decorated by yours truly)…a place to charge your phones and check out scripps networks ipad apps.

{photo credit: hgtv}

the highlight of our trip was getting to meet all of you crazy & excited fest goers that were stopping by…as we walked up the first day, we never dreamed there would be a LINE of junk gypsy viewers/customers/friends waiting to say hi! it was sooo great meeting and visiting with everybody!!!


{photo credit: hgtv}

we ran into our good friends, the PRopERTY BROTHERS

{rockin our rap star moves with the property BROthERS & LOVE + THEFT}

josh johnson, & emily henderson…hung out at the CMT awards after-party with miranda & the pistol annies…& made lots of new friends…including LOVE + THEFT (above), nan kelley of GAC

be sure to watch GAC’s top 20 countdown this FRIDAY at 8pm EST for all of nan’s interviews at CMA fest (including us!!).

chris lambton of GOING YARD & his new wife peyton…

and yesssss…possibly the biggest moment of. MY. LIFE.


{pretending we're rockstars in the scripps suite at LP field}

seriously y’all…i am a child of the 80′s-90′s. back in the days of using a hair dryer and hair spray simultaneously on your bangs in order to make them stick straight up, back when you layered your SOCKS, back in the days of A FEW GOOD MEN (you WANT me on that line! you NEED me on that line!). back in the days of MC HAMMER, baggy britches & STOP. COLLABORATE. & LISTEN. 

it was a moment when i asked myself…how did this happen? how am i HERE with VANILLA ICE?? (um, ‘scuse me…i meant rob… now that we’re like buds and all)…

did JUNK bring me here? yes, why yes it did.


junk brought me here…with my family. with VANILLA freakin’ ICE.

all for the LOVE of junk. AMEN.

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