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smoky mountain memories.

the endless yard sale … (aka 127 sale or the world’s largest yard sale)…we were there to host the endless yard sale competition for HGTV. and it was an endless adventure.

epic, i dare say.

690 miles of yard sales. 690 miles of junk. stretching from alabama to michigan…heaven, is that you?

we went. we saw. we yard sale’d. we had a helluva good time in the great state of tennessee! and seriously, holy moly good gawsh almighty…. could that state be any more beautiful? i think not.

and now, a little review of our griswald-esque adventures in the smoky mountains

{on a wing & a prayer...looking for junk...and righteous guidance at cumberland mountain}

the journey

{stopping to smell the roses...middle of nowhere, tennessee}



{having a griswald moment here...}

{and here...we just loved this sign. had to pull over just to take a pic}

but now…time for work.

we were there for the ultimate yard sale competition. 3 teams traveled from near and far to strut their yard sale skills.

3 teams. 3 days. 4 challenges. call it yard sale boot camp. thrift 101. battle of the deal seekers.

shoot day 1:

wheels up…destination: north crossville, tennessee…

{me, amie, & our fearless road warrior-partner in crime, joe pete!}

the teams:

a) team frat boys

{the georgia fraternity boys...soon-to-be JG interns}

b) team runners

{from texas to runners were in it to win it}

c) team yoga

{emily & CJ ... the happily hippie married entrepreneurs}

because everyone needs a little yard sale zen…

{i could totallllly do that if i wanted to.}

us & the teams group together as we  announce the winner of challenge 2…and reveal the next challenge…


{as the co-hosts of the competition, amie & i had to announce challenges, winners, and give appraisals}

we were there to work…but of course, we couldn’t NOT BUY some of the great junk!!!

{loooove this PURE metal sign! a fave!}

{pulled over on the side of the road to make this quick purchase! retro vending machines!}

{who could resist this old school go cart?!}

{a peaches & cream bike with banana seat? i'll take it.}

shoot day 2: destination: cumberland mountain & pikeville, tennessee

we started out the morning yard salin’ & filming at cumberland mountain. but, of course…no adventure is complete without a little rain….

{we took refuge from the driving rain here...cutest general store & malt shop ever!!}

and then…the clouds parted, the sun came out and we headed to PIKEViLLE, tennessee…

{shooting in the mountains...gorgeous}


and it was here, in pikeville, that we were given our very own mason jar full o’ homegrown tennessee mountain apple pie moonshine…

shoot day 3: destination: signal mountain

the final day of the competition…

{up on the mountain...}


{me & amie with chris, michelle, &'s a wrap!}


as they say, all good things must come to an end…

so we bid tennessee farewell…and cowgirl jetsetted back to our beloved texas…


{de-gypsying ourselves for security}

y’all put it on your calendar! set your DVR’s!!! the endless yard sale airs friday, october 5 at 8pm EST/PST & 7pm CST!!!

place your bets nowwww…who’s it gonna be, a) team frat boys, b) team runners, or c) team yoga ??!!


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somebody had to set a bad example.

“ain’t no use in tryin’ to slow me down. ’cause you’re running with the fastest girl in town.” – miranda lambert

think dukes of hazzard meets thelma & louise. think smokey & the bandit meets days of thunder.

our southern sister, miranda lambert, has a new video in town…featuring danica patrick…NASCAR fast-girl extraordinaire….

YouTube Preview Image

it’s bad to the bone. it’s fast, loud, & totally awesome.

and for all you fast girls…get your JG designed exclusively 4 miranda goods here! on SALE now through next week!

retro scoop tees…

retro biker tanks…



and yes…those killer boots danica was rockin….


{yep...we've got 'em in gypsyville!}

somebody had to set a bad example…

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