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the mother ship.

the mother load. the junk mecca. the fleamarket capital of the universe.

texas antiques week.

the time has come.

for those that remember their first time to warrenton (aka texas antiques week, round top antiques week)…you might be like us and you vividly remember crossing over those first hills of fayette county and into the hills of junk…the neverending hills of heaven. miles and miles of fleamarket goodness for as far as the eye can see. the experience….is 50 shades of giddiness. it’s spiritual. it’s junk enlightenment. and it’s pure-d happiness of all kinds.

your heart rate speeds up. your foot starts to quiver. you grip the steering wheel a little tighter. your palms get all sweaty. your eyes jump from the left side of the road to the right. you wonder if you’re hyperventilating and then realize it’s eupohoria. and then your brain asks…WHY have i never been here before? heaven, is that you?

tonight is the eve of our tent opening at zapp in warrenton. we’ve worked for over a week setting up our cow pasture store. we’ve unloaded trailers.

hauled piles of junk from here to there.

we’ve used a kabillion zip ties and enough light bulbs to beacon alien life forms. the tees are folded and the jewelry is plentiful. the junk is anxiously awaiting your arrival…

and we hope you love it from the top of your cowgirl (and cowboy) hat to the bottom of your pinky toes.

sweet dreams, junkers…tomorrow begins your soul vacation.


SALE dates: FRIDAY sept 28-SATURDAY october 6…at ZAPP hall, WARRENTON, TEXAS!

JUNK-O-RaMA prom: THUrSDAY, october 4th twilight at the gypsy tent

ENDLESS yaRD SALE airs on HGTV OCTOBER 5 at 8pm EST/PST & 7pm CST!!!

READ here for more ANTIQUES WEEK info!!!



September 27, 2012   32 Comments

you can’t buy cool.

i have a confession.

i have a thing for kid rock.

there. i said it. that’s right. kid rock.

he’s real. he’s a badass. he’s america. he’s cool beyond cool.

maybe it’s the fringe. maybe it’s the irreverence. the country meets rock meets rap. the boots. the hats.

the philanthropy. the patriotism.

there’s just certain people in this world that are born with coolness in their soul. it’s part of who they are. it’s authentic. it’s completely NOT contrived. they’re born that way…(i.e. kid rock, james dean, my cousin mark)

his lyrics are raw and soulful. his voice is gravelly and intense. and his music is the kind that gets all up inside of you…it’s inspiring and uplifting. it makes you want to shout USA and AMEN at the same time.

and it is, undoubtedly, some of the finest roadtripping music you’ll ever listen to.

i own this on vinyl…but it is a windows-rolled-down-hand-hanging-in-the-wind roadtrip must.

{if you don't own this, buy it now. you'll thank me later.}


and the video…

well, it’s just flat out awesomeness.

“free, like a river raging,

strong, as the wind i’m facing.

chasing dreams and racing fathered time.

deep like the grandest canyon,

wild like an untamed stallion.

if you can’t see my heart you must be blind.”

{wild, like an untamed stallion...}

his song, care, performed with angaleena presley and T.I. …is another of my favorites…

in times like these…when the most unthinkable things are happening in our world…his lyrics are all the more powerful…

his lyrics, sung with his raw, gritty, untamed voice…is the kind you FEEL inside your bones. he’s passionate. he’s hard core. he’s a troubadour on a mission.

“cuz’ i can’t stop the war,

shelter homeless, feed the poor.

can’t walk on water; i can’t save your sons and daughters.

i can’t change the world and make things fair…

the least that i can do…is Care.”

praying for our world…praying for america…praying for all the men and women, sons and daughters….

signing off from gypsyville…with my all-time favorite kid rock quote…

“you can’t buy cool.”

September 13, 2012   36 Comments

mobile home.

about a year and a half ago, we did this…

{gives a whole new meaning to the lyrics..."our house, in the middle of our street."

typically our trailers are loaded with home decor. but this time, the trailer was loaded with a HOME. there’s a first time for everything…and this was a first for us.

{all in a day's work}

but let me start at the beginning…

there once was a farm house. an early 1900′s farm house with no indoor plumbing. no electricity. and no people. this turn-of-the-century cottage, although small (800 square feet!), had great bones and irresistible charm and was just begging for junk gypsy salvation. it was begging for love. it was begging for a family.

it was begging to be the perfect home for amie and indie…

{amie and indie doing the new house happy dance}

{amie, indie, & dad test-driving the porch}

so we did what we had to do. we bought it.

{sitting in it's original location...awaiting JG rescue}

thus began our first ever haulin house experience…

and thanks to KANA brothers house moving and their biggo trucks…

john, rodney, and their motley crew…

{it was a VERY solemn group of guys}

this was more than a house movin’…it was like dinner and a movie texas style - house movin’ and entertainment.


{rodney hard. play hard.}

making room for our wide load to hit the road….

{trimming a few dead branches for clearance}

watching the action…

documenting the action…

{because 1 camera just wasn't enough...}

annnnddddddd she’s road-worthy…let ‘er rip, tater chip.

{the journey.}

{causing a bonafide traffic jam in the big city of round top}

amie back-seat driving…


{because she is a PROFESSIONAL}

arriving in gypsyville…

{home sweet gypsy home}


and although we give these guys serious kudos for already having a tricked out grill…


{superheroes and army men...boys will be boys...}

we decided it needed a little JG touch…

{from the sistas to the bruthas...}

after finding a new home and family, this old texas farmhouse got a fresh coat of paint and became amie and indie’s little pink house (cue john mellencamp)…


we added a porch made of salvaged table legs and gargantuan architectural fleamarket corbels…and as all junk gypsy projects, it’s still a work in progress. a labor of love.

in case you missed the HGTV episode of us making over amie’s living room…watch a sneak peek here…just click on the little pink house picture above!

OR you can get the entire episode on itunes for $1.99!

little pink houses for you and me….


September 5, 2012   85 Comments