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lone survivor.

we’ve done some really unpredictable and really cool projects through this little junk business. but we’ve never done anything as life changing and profoundly humbling as operation: marcus luttrell’s office.

our mission: we were contacted by marcus luttrell’s wife to do a special undercover op for him. surprisingly, marcus, a new york times best selling author, had no office. no desk. no place to write. well let me rephrase that…he had a room that was meant to be his office but it was currently being used as storage for moving boxes and melanie’s gift wrapping room. andddd although i’m sure marcus appreciated any gifts wrapped in that room, we all decided that his office needed to accomplish it’s original purpose…

a place of peace for marcus. a place where he could focus and write. or read. or just be. we decided it should be a place that could be about the present and the future, a place that reflected ALL of the facets of marcus, not just marcus the Navy Seal. but also, marcus the dad. marcus the husband. marcus the son and brother and friend. marcus the DEVOUT Texan and dedicated American. marcus the writer, the reader, the poet, and the journal keeper. and although it would honor the past, it would not be solely focused on his past.

and i must tell y’all, we extensively prepared for this project. we studied. we pored through his books. his quotes. his movie. and when it came to the 4 days of actual filming, amie and i blubbered and cried through about 75% of the filming. and if you know his story. if you have read his books, watched the movie, and seen any of his interviews then you clearly, understand why. we just feel so honored to know him. we feel so deeply, deeply respectful for what he has been through. we are so moved by him and his story. and everything him and melanie do to this day to honor his fallen brothers.

which means we have never felt pressure like we did for this project. we wanted everything to be perfect. the desk. the decor. the books on the shelves. the rug. the chairs. rigby, his service dog’s bed. it all had to be soulful and special beyond words.

here we are hiding out at an undisclosed location on the way to marcus’ house on install day…killing a little time while melanie shuttled marcus out of the house…the whole JG team was feeling the jitters as undercover ninjas. and the extreme honor of working on such a special project.

and here mom, amie, & i are with marcus’ mom who played a big role in this entire undercover op.

fortunately, marcus didn’t go into Navy Seal ninja mode when we came in with a sneak attack of his office…but you’ll have to tune in tonight to see the finished office and his reaction! but i will say…as we all headed back to round top that night, the sun was setting on a very, very special day in all of our hearts. it’s not everyday you get to create a space for an American Hero. and it was a sublime experience to say the least.

one final thought…

this year marks the 10 year anniversary of Operation Redwing. 10 years since murph, axe, danny, kristensen, shane, james, senior, jeff, jacques, taylor, and mac lost their lives in the mountains of Afghanistan.

10 years since Marcus Luttrell was brought home as the lone survivor.

broken and battered but not defeated.

his relentless spirit and infinite dedication has kept alive the memory & the heroic service of so many soldiers.

we have had the profound honor of getting to know Marcus over the past year and we are, forever changed. forever indebted. we know this has been a hard month for all of the families & friends of operation redwing and we can’t even begin to understand their pain but we can say thank you. thank you today & everyday. for our freedom. for our independence. for our America. thank you, Marcus, for being the Lone Survivor. it is because of you that we all know about Operation Redwing. that we know more than just your brothers in battle perished. because without the lone survivor, operation redwing could have been just another news story. but instead, we know murph, danny boy, and axe. we know their families. their fiancées, their kids. their hearts. because of you, we are better Americans.

because you don’t have to be a service man or woman to be inspired by marcus’s story. his story will inspire you no matter who you are. no matter what your struggle.

his motto: NEVER QUIT, will get inside of you and live deep in your soul for the rest of your life.

we’re headed to the Patriot Tour this weekend and we couldn’t be more excited!

let us all thank a service man or woman in honor of the USA, in honor of operation redwing. respect. honor. never forget. #ORW10

team never quit.

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the heart of a dreamer. and also, mall bangs.

here’s the deal. we remember being a teenager (oh sweet gracious, mom and i especially remember amie being a teenager…and i thank the good Lord above that we all survived those years. seriously. it’s a bit of a miracle.) whew…i digress [as always].

as i was saying, we REMEMBER what it’s like to be a teenager … having a wild independent spirit (some things never change). wanting to be FREE. free to have every big dream in the world. free to be a rockstar. or a cowgirl. or a bohemian. a dreamer. an old soul. or to be a crazy patchwork mix of all of those things. because it’s ok to have a life-size poster of jon bon jovi in your room & one of george strait & a basketball hoop laundry hamper on the door & a country quilt on the bed & your horses out in the pasture all at the same time…oh wait, that was me. but while we’re at it, let’s not forget the giant can of RAVE hairspray.

and we believe, dreams are so BIG and beautiful at this age…

and although sometimes, along the way, we all had to grow up…it doesn’t mean we have to decorate that way. or dress that way (or in my case, act that way). because really, kids are way more fun than grown ups. and why, pray tell, WHY do we, as grown ups, feel that we need to get all boring and professional when we grow up? i mean, some things like mall bangs and layering socks really, really needed to go away. but if the height of my mall bangs is directly equivalent to the size of my dreams, then give me mall bangs. give me mall bangs or give me death! ok wait, maybe i got a little too excited there…the point, is let’s all keep dreaming.

and possibly more importantly, let’s let our teens dream. because, they are the dreamers. and over here at JG, they inspire us infinitely. infinitely times infinity. infinitely times infinity squared.

which leads me to my point (yes, i do have a point…and yes, it’s taken me this long to get to it)…almost a year ago, PB teen released our first ever exclusive #junkgypsy4pbteen line. read here to find out how that crazy journey began. and now, we’re really excited and soooo proud and crazzzzzyyyyyyy honored to be announcing our second line with PB teen available now!


from a totally rad pillow collection….(all under $45!!)…

to the country blooms bedroom…

and the american dreamer bedroom featuring the american dreamer patchwork quilt…

of which we were inspired by vintage western pearl snaps & bandanas.

and of course we included all the things we love…denim, cowhide, guitars, quotes…in the entire collection…

and lest us not forget fringe…

we’d loveeee for y’all to check out the whole collection & let us know what you think!!!! we think it’s for all ages!!! for anyone with a BIGGGGG dream!!! plus it has a lookbook, how-to DIY videos, and behind-the-scenes videos & pictures!

now y’all grab your glitter, hammer, and old stuff! it’s our first-ever DIY series with PB teen!

  • how to make your own DIY dreamcatcher (hint: glitter is involved here)
YouTube Preview Image
  • how to DIY the coolest, most awesome lampshade on the block (hint: glitter required)
YouTube Preview Image
  • a DIY ruler box for your room (no glitter here but we fully support adding your own)
YouTube Preview Image


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paint this way.

we’ve had lots of big dreams with junk gypsy. and one more just came true. the dream of having our own paint line. it was our destiny. like peas and carrots (or i kinda prefer the analogy “like chips & guacamole”…because let’s be honest, we live in texas and although i do love my veggies, nothing and i mean NOTHING stands between me and my avocados)…whooo…i digress… like chips and guacamole, we just go together.

because as y’all probably know by now, if anything stays still too long around here, we either paint it, or glitter it, or both. #paintfixeseverything

and not only is it awesome paint in all of our hand-picked favorite colors, BUT it’s made of all natural CLAY & CHALK which means it’s non-toxic, ZERO VOC, & solvent free! ANDDDDDD (it gets even better) it’s completely born & made in the USA!

it’s like buttah…smooth and creamy.

smooth and creamy buttah in 16 awesome colors.

from gypsy prom…

to flower child…

to american dream…

and singin’ the texas blues…

and everything in between. like free spirit, wanderlust, dreamcatcher and buttermilk biscuit. (yes, i said BUTTERMILK BISCUIT. because biscuits ARE life and because this paint color is the creamiest, smoothest, most beautiful shade of off-white EVER!)

BUT in case you need EVEN more color options, you can head over to the junk gypsy paint BLOG and learn about paint mixology!

seriously…you’ll feel like a mad scientist creating your own cool colors from our paints!

also on the blog, how to decoupage using our matte clear coat…

because we all know how much we love to clear coat EVERYTHING…(for the paint/clear coat beginners, adding a clear coat to almost ANYTHING makes it look better. it brings out the different facets of old paint or rust and makes the finish look so much better! plus, if you have a piece that is chippy peely, adding a clear coat preserves that chippy peely finish to perfection!)

and the beauty of chalk & clay based paint? a little bit goes a reallllllly long way.

and for those that are a little hesitant about those first strokes, READ here for all kinds o’ good tips on getting started…

if you’ve never painted, now is the time. and we would be so honored if you would give our new paint a shot. let us know what you think! and pleaseeeee send pics!!!!!

alsooooo….lots of retailers across the US are carrying our paint at their stores! you can check here for retailers near you, or to inquire about carrying it in your own store! or if you live wayyyy out in the country like we do, you can order it online from us! or stop by the JG world HQ to grab a few quarts in person!


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CMA fest rewind.

as some of you more observant readers may have picked up on, a blog-writing-overachiever i am not. i’m a back row blogger. yep, that’s me. i like to think of my method as an extra challenging approach to blogging. i mean writing about something right after it happens is so, so simple-minded. but writing about something over a YEAR after it happens?? well now, that’s just flat out brain olympics right there. seriously. who’s the overachiever now?!

boom. that just happened.

so to keep things extra mystical and magical…this is a little REWIND blog about our CMA fest experience from 2014. not to be confused with the recent CMA fest that just happened a few weeks ago. (you better pour a drink for this blog…it’s all downhill from here).

when great american country asked us to attend CMA fest 2014, they asked if we could appear on-stage. and by “on-stage” they meant at LP field, in front of 65,000 people.

but first…a little press time with cute farmers and cute property brothers….

it’s such a harddddd job.

like seriously…so. VERY, very difficult.

after our backstage shenanigans, it was time to do what we came to do. join storme warren on stage in front of 65,000 people. nevermind the fact that i had been stung by 2, yes TWO, yellow jackets in BOTH, yes BOTH of my calves before we ever left texas. and my legs were therefore so swollen i couldn’t wear boots (you really can’t make this up….TWO yellowjacket STINGS. one in each calf. days before the CMA fest. and yes, clearly i’m allergic). nevermind the fact that i had a huge pimple on my chin. nevermind the fact that we both thought we were going to throw up. literally. like barf right there backstage all over the band perry. the show must go on. fat calves or no fat calves. pimple or no pimple.

first, with cute boys pre-show…

and then…we were kidnapped by blake shelton while backstage. we put up quite a struggle (as is quite obvious by this picture)…but in the end, we let him have his way with us.

and later, just us to announce miranda lambert….

and yes, it was later confirmed that amie’s vintage beaded sparkle shirt could be seen from space.


in addition to our big night with 2 big calves at LP field…(watch here…)

we pretty much had an awesome time in nashville.

we flipped out when we saw our own BENCH at CMA fest…

soooo we had to take moms picture…

and our dad’s…


and tracy & archie’s…

and all the girls…

and our own…

annddddd later with jep and jessica robertson…

andddd the farm kings had a bench too. so we took a picture.

yes, we went a little crazy with the park benches.

and always a FAVORITE stop of ours is the legendary. the epic. the awesome COUNTRY MUSIC HALL of FAME.

where our MAMA TRIED tank is on display…thanks to miranda lambert’s 2015 KEROSENE video.

and i’m throwing this picture in because it’s just so awesome.

she was in nashville for 2 nights, y’all. TWO NIGHTS. and she took over 100 pounds of luggage. i ain’t kiddin’.

thanks for the good times, nashville….you’re one of our fave cities in america!

P.S. for all those that are wondering…link to amie’s boots here - archie’s bag here – gypsy georgia’s boots here

P.S.S. biggo special thanks to WILD BLEU for my totally amazingly awesome belt i wore at LP field!

P.S.S.S. and lastly….big photo cred and video cred shout out to matt blair!!

June 26, 2015   14 Comments

go west.

we’re setting out on an adventure. and maybe we’ve lost our minds but we’re doing it anyway. and once we set sail, there’s no turning back. no jumping ship. no emergency eject button. (ok, we’ve definitely lost our minds)

all 7 of us, in a van, from texas to las vegas. route 66. the TEXAS outdoor musical. the GRAND CANYON. the turquoise trail. and lots and lots and lots and lots of family time.

this. is. happening.

heaven help us all.

clark griswold is our spirit animal.

thelma & louise are riding shotgun, jack kerouac is our north star, & willie nelson is our navigator (he’s kind of like an imaginary friend…this is completely normal. to have willie nelson as an imaginary friend).

y’all keep up with our adventures via twitter and instagram…my current mental state can be checked via my personal twitter account. postcards and tacky souvenirs promised.

P.S. survival tips are welcome…please send SOS suggestions ASAP.

P.S.S. click here (route 66-ish board, texas road-trippin’ board, & roadtrip board) for a little peek into our route 66 fairy tale roadtrip that lives in our mind…stay tuned for results on the real roadtrip.

P.S.S.S. comment below and let us know any must-see stops, places to eat, & tacky photo ops along the way!!

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