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junkcation, airbrush awesomeness, & a BIGGO GIVEAWAY!

CONGRATS to MELiSSA…our completely RANDOMLY selected winner via!!!

melissa { 07.25.14 at 9:04 am }

“My favorite thing would just be able to experience the ocean as I have never been. There has always been something happen that was not able to go. Now turning 37 in September would love to be able to mark something off my bucket list =) Thank you for the opportunity to maybe win.God Bless!”


it’s been a few years since we took a real family vacation griswald-style. so we decided it was high time we loaded up and trekked halfway across the country. along the highways and backroads. through the swamps of louisiana and over the rivers of mississippi.

this was the summer of the JUNKCATION.

we all piled in amongst the myriad of suitcases, flip-flops, auto bingo, sunscreen (have i mentioned we are a FAIR-SKINNED family?), & road maps…wheels down. eastbound. east to destin, florida. where the sand is white, the sun is bright, and the water is amazingly crystal clear.

our good friends over at destin getaways hooked us up with some beachfront digs that made us feel like royalty and of course, NORMAL people would probably have made it to destin in the approximately 10 hours it SHOULD take to get there, but for our griswald style family, it took us a SOLID 2 days.

let’s start at the beginning of our journey…

we fell in love all over again with louisiana (actually we did louisiana adventures on the way TO destin and on the way HOME …more about the trip home in the next blog)…

home of fairy tale-esque cypress trees, creole food, and abita strawberry beer.

back on the road again, we left no welcome center unturned. and never passed up a photo op at every state sign…and then, finally…

hellloooooo florida!

andddddd….by the time we arrived at our beach house haven 2 days later there was no sun left in the sunshine state….just the light of the moon. which was actually pretty dang perfect.

it was magical as it reflected off of the ocean…(and ummmm…yeah. sorry just an iphone pic here…i was roadweary.)

we woke up to this view from the steps of our porch…helloooo powdery sand beaches, clear waters, and waves crashing into shore…helloooo beautiful beach umbrellas and turquoise waters. hellloooo salty life.

let the beach junkcation begin!!!!


we hit the beach like gnarly surfers ready to catch a wave. like duuuudeeeeee…. like we were rad.

ok, so maybe we aren’t surfers or even very good boogie boarders for the most part…but we can build a DANG fine sandcastle (hello drip sandcastles) and THIS view was just steps from our beach house extraordinaire….

so we did a whole lot of this…

seriously y’all…JUST STEPS off of our PORCH…

the essential JG infuser…water with watermelon & lime…

and JG ‘keep the stars in your eyes’ sweatshirt bag…

and then on day 2…sunburned and coated in aloe vera, we decided to venture past the paradise of our beach house…and to do what fair skinned people do at the beach.

they eat at pompano joes

annnddddd then they go bowling at uncle buck’s FISHBOWL

and then, we hit the beach again at dusk just in time to catch more waves and the gorgeous sunsets…

of course…when in destin…this HAD to happen.

because well, because we’re totally hip like that. helloooooo 1992!!!! airbrush in tha houseeeee!!!! we’re bringin’ in BACKKKKK!!!!!

from this porch we watched waves crashing, the sun rising and setting, dolphins jumping in the surf, baby sea turtles getting ready to hatch, a wedding proposal, and 2 weddings.

and on the last day, destin getaways hooked us up (yet again)…with some fam beach shots by the amazing romona robbins

yes, dad and t-smitty wore their cowboy hats (and in dad’s case, boots and jeans) on the beach. you can take the boy outta the country….

and with jen and john of destin getaways…

to whom we owe this awesome jUNKCATION! and lee…you are the apple of my eye! ;)

so with salt on our lips and sand in our souls, we bid farewell to our little haven on the beach…we ate our weight in seafood and soaked up all that florida sun… but alas, it was time to head west…west to texas. but not before another stop in louisiana…but that my land-locked friends, is another blog.

in the meantime, check out our JUNKCaTion pinboard for some salty inspiration!

and now for the good stuff!!!! y’all…thanks to destin getaways, YOU too could be bound for the white beaches of destin!!! that’s right…up for grabs is a FREE 3 night stay HERE!!!

JUST go LIKE their FACEBOOK page and check out their site! …then come back here and tell us what your fave thing is about a BEACH vacay!!! a random {lucky} winner will be chosen monday, JULY 28th at high noon CST!!!

update!!!! just in from destin getaways… EVEN if you don’t win the BIGGO giveaway, you can still be a winner!!!

Destin Getaways is offering a special discount to JG fans only, use offer code JG15 to get 15% OFF any available property at Destin Getaways!!!

use this LINK….(phone: (844)602-5103) !!! wooo hoooo!!!

everybody say amen and pass the pina colada!!

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you’ve always been crazy.

it’s no secret that we’ve long been inspired by thelma & louise here in gypsyville…


the epic tale of women on the run. living life by their own rules. and breaking all kinds of rules along the way. forming friendships. courage. and character.

we like to channel thelma & louise every now & then…(minus the little part at the end of the movie of course.) and minus the cool convertible…who needs a convertible when you have large marge? anddddd minus cute young brad pitt…wait, i’m beginning to feel less and less like thelma or louise….

we were so inspired, that we designed this tribute tee about 4 years ago.

and then asked y’all what the back should say…and y’all voted this…

which was brilliant really because this makes the shirt just so much awesomer (yep, that’s a word).

and because tees weren’t enough, we decided we needed koozies, chillin’ cups, bumper stickers, and even keychains…

because really…can you ever have too much thelma and louise? i think not.

this week, susan sarandon and geena davis posted this recreated infamous shot…and we love them as much today as we did yesterday. forever legends.

and here, amie & i recreated our own thelma & louise moment while filming for season 2…

and our good friend, miranda lambert rocked out to her new song, SOMETHIN BAD, at the BILLBOARD music awards rehearsals with carrie underwood sporting their very own JG thelma & louise tees…

“just like a real-life thelma & louise
if the cops catch up, they’re gonna call it kidnappin.
got a real good feelin’ something bad about to happen.”

y’all CLICK HERE to check out our pinterest board to see our full homage to the forever legendary thelma & louise.

and HERE to see our products in honor of thelma & louise!!


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dear america.

a few years ago, we ventured off into a new chapter in the junk gypsy story. we filmed a TV show. we never set out to be on TV… in fact, it was never, ever part of our plan. but because we partnered with a network and a team that didn’t want us to be anything other than ourselves, we took the leap. and thanks to all of y’all, season 1 was a big success. and we THANK you for that.

and now here we are…a few weeks away from the premiere of season 2 and i realized … there’s lots to tell y’all. (insert: “lucy, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!”)

season 2 airs thursday june 12 at 9/8CST…on GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY.

that’s right, not HGTV…we’ve moved to a new latitude on your TV dial and here’s why…

hgtv & great american country are both members of the scripps family and after collaborating with the amazing team at all 3 entities, it was clear that great american country and JG were meant for each other (cue ‘you were meant for me and i was meant for you’ by jewel)….whew, i digress.

great american country is all about celebrating the american lifestyle. the gramco theme is ‘love letters to america’, their hashtag (we all know i’m a self-proclaimed social media freak) is #dearamerica. i mean y’all, does it get any better? #dearamerica. i think not.

it’s about family. and country. and JUNK. and music. and…LIFE. which means you’ll see A LOT more of EVERYTHING this season.

MORE family. because, clearly…family is FIRST. and this business was built out of our determination to work together with our family.

more of our JG team that we can’t live without…the girls that pack your orders and answer the phone when you call. the girls that greet you at the door & check you out when you come to our headquarters. the girls and guys that have our back. we could NOT be where we are without them which is WHY it’s so important to us that you see more of them on the show.

more of the JG world HQ…this is a sacred place to us…it’s our sanctuary of junk that was 15 years in the making….so it’s only appropriate that it serves as the backdrop of our entire series.

more country. we are small-town girls at heart (god bless overton, texas). that little town formed us into the people that we are. and we are forever grateful. we now proudly call round top, texas our home…small town girls are what we are. it’s what we will forever be and it’s a core part of our business. you can take the girl outta the country…but you can’t take the country outta the girl. you’ll see more of our LIFE in the country. more ROUND TOP. more LARGE MARGE. more tractors and chainsaws and horses and BISCUITS. (oh my lawd. honey hush. biscuits make the world go ’round).

basically, you’ll see a lot more of all the things that make up JG. all of the things that are near and dear to our heart…all of the things that we think YOU love about JG too. it’s all rolled together. plus…there are some really exciting surprises this season as well… a special celebrity friend travels to round top…as she commissions us to work on a secret project. AND…you’ll learn about possibly the BIGGEST thing we’ve ever been a part of…it’s still top secret…and it’s killlllingggggg me to let the cat outta the bag…..but, patience, my child. the time will come.

so i think that’s it.

new season. new network. new digits on your dial.

YouTube Preview Image


and this new season y’all…well this, is our love letter to america.

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a glamping we will go

so i’m really really, realllllllly tardy on this post. but i’m going with the “fashionably late” excuse on this one. at least that’s my story and i’m sticking to it. for now.

our latest photo shoot was lots of fun…because, well we’re pretty dang excited and inspired by our glamping theme.

glam camping = glamping. = awesome.

because everyone should wear sequin shorts while hiking through the woods (yes, we named them almost famous…which makes them even cooler).


because nothing says camping like a fabulous plaid skirt, corset belt, big jewelry, and vintage boots…

and nothing says nature like a koozie with rhinestones on it…

and a stylish bike…

and well…just everything…

and because there is no better way to feel one with the woods than to wear your fringe boots, your bandana leggings, and your old americana cape.

posing perfectly in front of your airstream.

i rest my case.

now y’all…the season is upon us. get out there.

nature is calling. adventure is calling. answer the call…and catch those dreams…

happy glamping…

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a sharp right turn into crazytown.

well, here we are…strolling off into crazytown. again. um yes, please…i’ll have a large order of mucho loco with a side of extra spicy loco.

and we decided, if we’re going to crazytown, we’re taking y’all with us. so buckle up.

our JG world HQ is something we dreamed about for years…and last fall, we opened our doors for the first time. it’s time to finally cut that ribbon. which i’m assuming makes us more legit in the eyes of ribbon holders everywhere.

you are cordially invited, to our official ribbon cutting of the JG WoRLD HeaDQUarTERS…and we’re filming by the way.

{thanks 2 april pizana for this pic!!!}

yep, that’s right. season 2 of junk gypsies…to air on great american country sometime this summer. (i’ll tell ya all about that soon…but we are literally breaking between scenes filming today so i better make haste)

{reunited & it feels so good...the gang's all back together!!}

anywho, we would loveeeee love love for y’all to come be a part of our ribbon cutting…we promise not to cry too much (well maybe just a little). we’ll be cutting that ole ribbon this friday, march 28th at around 9:45. and yes, you may be on tv because this will be filmed for our first episode of the second season! come one! come all!

it’s a special day for us…and y’all are all such a big part of JG that we would be honored to have each and everyone of you here on our biggo ribbon cutting day!

***the deets***

what: ribbon cutting at the jg world HQ

when: friday, march 28, 9: 45am

where: 1215 south state hwy 237, round top, texas

the first 100 shoppers get a FREE stadium cup!!! free jg FLASHLIGHTS while they last! 

y’all come be a part of our new series & check out all of our new gear in the JG store!!!

big thanks to the local FaYETTE counTY RECORD for helping us spread the word!!




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