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when the idea of the JG world HQ was just a little dream of ours, we always knew we wanted it to be a friendly ecosystem for the unique species of troubadours to migrate. a place for singers and songwriters to find inspiration. a place where they, along with junkers, roadtrippers, and dreamers could all live symbiotically in sweet, sweet harmony.

and now, that little dream of ours is coming true…i’m very,very excited to announce…drumroll please…. the first ever JG FRONT PORCH SERIES: unplugged!!!

it’s gonna be a biggo time! seriously y’all….we are so honored to be hosting some of the finest singer/songwriters around!! they’ll be pickin’ on our front porch! and we sooo hope all of y’all can come!

in case you’re not picking up what i’m putting down, let me spell it out for ya… longhorns grazing in the pasture next to the HQ, bluebonnets blooming roadside, the big blue country sky up above, junk as far as the eye can see, and inspiring music that’ll make you wanna pull up a rocking chair and stay awhile! and oh yeah, i forgot to mention miranda lambert wine on select days! does it get any better?

here’s the lineup…and i promise, you don’t want to miss any of these!!!

haley cole…playing saturday, march 28th & tuesday, march 31st…

jamie wilson…playing SuNDAY, march 29th…


kylie rae HARRIS playing monday, march 30th…

tina and walt WiLKINS playing wednesday, april 1st.

cody canada playing thursday, april 2nd…

gabe wootton playing FRiDAY, march 27th & friday, april 3rd…

kimberly kelly playing saturday, april 4th…

ummmm, yes. all of those amazing artists are going to be on OUR porch. and we are so, so honored to have each and ever one of them. picking it old-style. back to the basics. unplugged.

and lest us not forget…the amazing JoHN EVANS band thursday, april 2nd for JUNK-O-RaMA prom at the JG tent at ZaPP HALL! it’s vintage finery under the texas stars!

P.S. did i mention that all of the above is FREE???!!!!

March 24, 2015   1 Comment

the wind beneath my wings.

there is no denying it. there is no better place on earth than texas antiques week in the spring.

hashtag awesomeness.

hashtag i’m not even kidding.

it’s like the sky opens up and the sun comes out to play for the first time in many, many months. it’s wildflowers and fresh buds on the trees. it’s hills of green grass in the wild blue yonder.

it’s. the. bluebonnets. which are always, always worth the drive (as roger creager so perfectly says in his song, “fun all wrong”)

and nestled among all of this God given glory, is the world’s greatest fleamarket. the motherload of junk. the wind beneath our wings. texas antiques week.

and what is it that’s so great you ask? well, of course there is the obvious junk for miles and miles…as far as the eye can see. there’s the PEOPLE…God bless the junkers and all of their eclectic, unique, soulful personalities. there’s the food…did i mention the zapp hall crackers, the legal tender pimento cheese, the coffee bug iced coffee drinks?! holy moly. honey hush. i’m hankering for some of all that righttttt nowwwwwww. get in my belly!


but there’s also something more. something oh so much more. it’s something in the air. it’s electric. and everyone feels it. it really and truly is a happy place. everyone is happy because everyone has chosen to be here. junkers and shoppers alike. and everyone is grateful for being here. instead of shopping under fluorescent lights or sitting at a desk, you are out in the great wide open surrounded by junk. where you park in a pasture instead of a parking garage. where you don’t use your cell phone because you probably don’t have reception. where you let your free spirit loose and you channel your inner junker.

there’s a reason we call it junk therapy. for those that have been, you know why. if you haven’t, then what in the heck are you waiting for?

the fleamarket beckons…

here it is y’all!!! all the vitals on this texas antiques week: BIG INFO you gotta knowwwww!!!!

  • PAINT!! we have a newwww and long awaited paint line debuting at the show!!! seriously y’all, this has been a BIG DREAM of ours for a VERY long time and we can’t WAIT for y’all to see it!! (more info coming soon…this pretty much deserves it’s own blog)
  • TUNES!! the 1st EVER JG front porch series: UNPLUGGED happening EVERY DAY during TEXAS ANTIQUES WEEK featuring some of the finest singer/songwriters around! seriously…you DO NOT want to miss this! it’s FREE!! click HERE for more info! BLOG coming soon with more unplugged info too!
  • CORNBREAD! that’s right, y’all….gypsy daddy’s cornbread is NOW IN THE HOUSE!!!! because the ONLY thing better than gypsy daddy’s buttermilk BISCUITS is gypsy daddy’s biscuits AND cornbread. honey hush.

  • TRUNK SHOW!! our dear friend, marti agassi will be having a trunk show in store! stay tuned for more info!!!
  • JUNK-O-RAMA prom! and lest us not forget, JUNK-O-RaMA prom….the best time this side o’ the mississippi!

don’t forget to read past #texasantiquesweek blogs here!!!!

we’ve redecorated the entire JG world HQ & we have tonssss of new and awesome stuff! lots of great vintage stuff on the cheap!!! we can’t wait for y’all to see it!!!

call us with questions! our girls are amazinggggggg!!!! 979.249.5865


March 19, 2015   13 Comments

junkers migration.

my favorite time of year…the time of year when the texas sun warms your shoulders after a cold winter. the time of year when the grass turns green again, the bluebonnets blanket the sides of the roads in the most beautiful velvety shade of blue, the birds are chirping…and the junkers, well, the junkers head south. south to texas.

{photo credit: keely marie scott}

{photo credit: keely marie scott}

south to the junk capital of the world. it’s the bi-annual migratory pattern of the species junkus mammalias. (that’s the scientific term for junkers…it’s in wikipedia. seriously. (no, not really but maybe it should be)). we arise from winter hibernation…we dust off our junkin’ boots. we stretch our creative muscles. we pull on our work gloves, arm ourselves with plenty of tie-downs for the masses of great junk we plan to acquire and we hit the fields in search of the greatest thing we never knew we didn’t need.

get ready, y’all. the greatest time of year is here. and, like us, you NEED it. TeXAS antiques week is kinda like chicken noodle soup…it feeds your soul. so get here as fast as you can. hit the highways or the backroads. you’ll be glad you did…it’s time for a little junk therapy.

{photo credit: april pizana}

{photo credit: april pizana}

the DEETS you need to know!!!


sale dates: FRIDAY mARCH 29-SatURDAY april 6.


{4217 south state hwy 237, warrenton texas 78961}

JUNK-O-RaMA prom

{photo credit: keely marie scott}

THurSDAY, APRiL 4 at the GypSY TeNT – TwiLiGHT!

no tickets necessary! come 1! come all!

weAR your FUnkiEST, junkieST fleamarket finery!

REaD HERE for more AntiQUES week & JuNK-O-RaMA prom INFO!!!



March 19, 2013   13 Comments

the mother ship.

the mother load. the junk mecca. the fleamarket capital of the universe.

texas antiques week.

the time has come.

for those that remember their first time to warrenton (aka texas antiques week, round top antiques week)…you might be like us and you vividly remember crossing over those first hills of fayette county and into the hills of junk…the neverending hills of heaven. miles and miles of fleamarket goodness for as far as the eye can see. the experience….is 50 shades of giddiness. it’s spiritual. it’s junk enlightenment. and it’s pure-d happiness of all kinds.

your heart rate speeds up. your foot starts to quiver. you grip the steering wheel a little tighter. your palms get all sweaty. your eyes jump from the left side of the road to the right. you wonder if you’re hyperventilating and then realize it’s eupohoria. and then your brain asks…WHY have i never been here before? heaven, is that you?

tonight is the eve of our tent opening at zapp in warrenton. we’ve worked for over a week setting up our cow pasture store. we’ve unloaded trailers.

hauled piles of junk from here to there.

we’ve used a kabillion zip ties and enough light bulbs to beacon alien life forms. the tees are folded and the jewelry is plentiful. the junk is anxiously awaiting your arrival…

and we hope you love it from the top of your cowgirl (and cowboy) hat to the bottom of your pinky toes.

sweet dreams, junkers…tomorrow begins your soul vacation.


SALE dates: FRIDAY sept 28-SATURDAY october 6…at ZAPP hall, WARRENTON, TEXAS!

JUNK-O-RaMA prom: THUrSDAY, october 4th twilight at the gypsy tent

ENDLESS yaRD SALE airs on HGTV OCTOBER 5 at 8pm EST/PST & 7pm CST!!!

READ here for more ANTIQUES WEEK info!!!



September 27, 2012   32 Comments

lookin 4 junk in all the right places.

antiques week is imminent…and to us junkers, we’re about as giddy as a kid on christmas morning.

today marks day 5 of set up…we’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there.

buuuuut we’ve had a few distractions along the way…

like this door….

{hello, beautiful. quite naturally we belong together.}

(which we just HAD to buy from matt white of recycling the past at EXCESS.)

and this little piece of heaven…

{amie navigating through the masses of wonderful junk at northgate field.}

and these lovebirds…well, they just made my day with their chippy peely decadence…

{you had me at chippy peely concrete lovebirds...}

 this is our macy’s…

{bar W field}

our happy place…

{excess field}

our junk therapy…

{vintage boots on the cheap at dead people's stuff at ZaPP}


{awesome old green jars & olive buckets at 'more than antiques' in northgate field}

{more good stuff at ExCESS}

and look at the AweSOME, amazing, GIaNT, love-em-forever, sconces we scored for our new store…

{ could travel the world for this stuff...orrrrr just come to texas}

today’s fleamarket morning…

{GoD bless the country...where life moves a little bit slower...}

WHERE we ARE: ZAPP haLL , directions HERE.

spring 2012 show dates: march 30-april 7

hours: 9ish-darkish

JUnK-O-RAMA prom: thursday, april 5 @ the gypsy tent

no tickets required!! FREE to all!!!

March 26, 2012   42 Comments