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dierks bentley has been a friend of ours for about 9 years now….

i believe this is a story i’ve never told. so let me start at the beginning….

back in 2005, we received a voice mail from dierks bentley. yes, that’s right. a voice mail. from dierks. not his manager. not his assistant. not his stylist or his publicist or any of other member of his village. it was a message from dierks himself.

i still remember the day…it started like any other normal day as we walked into our office that morning…but then amie played the voice messages. and we hear “um hi. this is dierks bentley…”. after that…it was all really a blur. i do know we replayed it approximately 47 times, picked ourselves up off the floor, and then started to listen to the actual purpose on WHY dierks bentley was calling us.

he had been on tour with miranda and loved her logo…he was asking if we would consider helping him with his graphics…with his merch line.

from that phone call, we ended up in nashville, sitting at a cafe and planning our collaboration.

and oh yeah…this is also the time that we were at a super posh restaurant (the name eludes me) for supper and i flicked shrimp and grits across the table and right into amie’s lap. oh yes i did. it was straight outta ‘pretty woman’. slippery little suckers. i know dierks’ people were really impressed.

our partnership with dierks, is much like that with miranda. it’s based on a handshake. it’s a friendship.

it’s involved tee shirt designs, a few “midnight specials” (designs created in the middle of the night through texts)…

 and most recently…an airstream.

so now that you know the past…let me catch you up.

a couple of years ago dierks asked us to revamp an old airstream for him…for the 2 loves of his life – his music and his family.

we tried to accomplish both those things at once…a place to hang out and write with the boys in the band, but yet a place where he and his family could camp out up on the ridge.

in the process we thought about how this should look, how it should feel. and how we, most importantly, create a place that is VERY special and meaningful to him on a personal level. in the end, we incorporated banjos, old iconographic images of Arizona, hatch show prints, an old church pew and of course some vintage 8-tracks. featured here in an HGTV episode….or tune into great american country to catch a rerun!

AND be sureeeeee to click here for the FULL tour of the airstream!

we desperately wanted to incorporate a symbol that meant something profound…we tried elusively texting him questions like “what’s your fave symbol?” to no avail. we looked up Native American symbols and found our answer . . the THUNDERBIRD.

once we found the thunderbird, we looked no further. we knew it was meant to be. symbolizing “sacred bearer of happiness unlimited”…we knew this would resonate with dierks.

amie hand-sketched it…

then painted it big on a piece of poster board, and then dad made a stencil, which we then handpainted on the curtain…

and there it went, emblazoned onto the back curtain for the whole world to see.

we later found out that dierks’ dad had been a lifelong member in a group called the Phoenix Thunderbirds and had recently passed away.

some things are just meant to be. i believe, that’s why they call it destiny. or happenstance. creative visions crashing together…and sometimes, magic happens.

listen here to a radio interview where dierks explains the cosmic connection of the thunderbird symbol on his airstream to his dad…and then, full circle to the symbolic inspiration of his latest album…

so now…this little sketch that we drew here in round top, texas … is now the icon on dierks’ new album and soon to be documentary.

YouTube Preview Image

…turns out there was more to that thunderbird that we just didn’t know…


RISER, a special edit of the documentary, airs on CMT february 22nd at 1pm CST.

RiSER, the album, releases Feb 25th!!!


February 12, 2014   36 Comments

locked & reloaded.

this is what we did friday…

and this is why….

our 2 greatest friends in country music reuniting for a tour together.

miranda lambert. & dierks bentley.

reunited…and it feels so good.

and when they asked us to work up the official logo for this epic tour…we knew it had to be nothing short of rockstar awesome.

no guts. no glory.

we channeled southern rock, old-school country, and ZZ top’s “i’m bad. i’m nationwide”

{"with my new york brim & my gold tooth displayed". thanks to for this image}

{the offiicial tour stage backdrop...yep, we're pretty dang excited about JG art being blown up 50 ft X 30 ft!!! thanks to a fellow tweepster 4 this image!}

and then we decided to capture our own interpretation of the tour theme…

{locked & reloaded tour sweatshirt}

{mama's broken heart burnout raglan...totally awesome}

and you know us gypsies love our buckles….so we designed a couple o’ new ones…

both with custom engraving on the back…

we channeled badassery. we channeled the wild west. and then we wrapped up our high noon shoot…

{high noon. ranell rockin our new LUCY in the SKY lace pants}

we’ll be seeing y’all down the trail…and by trail, we mean we’ll see y’all down the road where we’ll be screaming our heads off like crazy teenagers at the locked and reloaded tour.

rock on, country rockstars.

January 21, 2013   15 Comments

the blues.

one of our favorite things is the blues. i’m talking raw. gritty. deep down in your soul kind of blues. i’m talking ROOTS music.

growing up, mom and dad would take us to a little east texas hole-in-the-wall joint called auntie skinners in jefferson, texas…where we would watch authentic blues singers…everything from muddy waters’ hoochie coochie man and bb kings’ lucille to roaches in my kitchen (pretty sure this one was an east texas artist original).

which is why, as business owners, we donate to MUSIC MAKER RELieF foundation every year. in support of american roots musicians & the forgotten heroes of southern music.

“the blues is life.” – brownie mcghee

but there’s something about the blues. something about the way an artist who REALLY and truly feels the blues can express the lyrics. they don’t just sing the lyrics. they FEEL the lyrics.they LIVE the lyrics. they ARE the lyrics. there’s something about the gravel in their voice, the wrinkles in their face, the strength in their hands as they strum their steel guitars & play their harmonicas all in a smoky haze.

and i digress….

this week, the girls of JG, amie, and i found ourselves very excited about our new gypsy goods in the house…and completely inspired by the blues. by the deep south.

by the crossroads.

i’m talking sequins. fringe. classic bandanas. american flags. fringe. leopard skinnies. concho belts. turquoise. did i say fringe…?

and this is what happened…

“i’ve got the key to the highway. feel i got to go. gonna leave her runnin. walkin is both too slow.” – bb king



November 16, 2012   14 Comments

forget your high society.

there comes a time in every girls life when she just has to be a bad ass. and we here at junk gypsy decided that time was now.

a time when she needs to throw on a padded bra & a blonde wig…

a time when she must channel miranda lambert.

in case you’re confused…this is the REAL miranda…


and of utmost important…a completely bad-to-the-bone guns ‘n wings tattoo on her forearm.

{yep...the original design that we created for miranda...which then became her logo...and 4ever inked our friendship}

(we won’t mention the fact that it also put us and her in the doghouse with her daddy until the end of time)

and yes…we let blake play along too…

although he better watch out…you know what they say about a woman scorned…

and lest i forget, the most important part of this costume…attitude.

the level of bad assery must be epic.


P.S. just in case y’all missed the CMA awards last night…we’re bursting with pride for our girl, miranda LaMBERT & her partner in crime, BLaKE SHeLTON! lonG LiVE country music! and WILLIe NELSoN!!!

and here’s the original KEROSEnE video…one of the top 10 videos of the decade!!

YouTube Preview Image


even if you’ve seen it, watch it again…it’ll make ya wanna be a bad ass too…and yes, she’s rockin our merle haggard-inspired MAMA triED tanK …which had it’s own moment in the spotlight at the country music hall of fame

all thanks to KEROSENE…and a woman scorned.


November 2, 2012   36 Comments

you can’t buy cool.

i have a confession.

i have a thing for kid rock.

there. i said it. that’s right. kid rock.

he’s real. he’s a badass. he’s america. he’s cool beyond cool.

maybe it’s the fringe. maybe it’s the irreverence. the country meets rock meets rap. the boots. the hats.

the philanthropy. the patriotism.

there’s just certain people in this world that are born with coolness in their soul. it’s part of who they are. it’s authentic. it’s completely NOT contrived. they’re born that way…(i.e. kid rock, james dean, my cousin mark)

his lyrics are raw and soulful. his voice is gravelly and intense. and his music is the kind that gets all up inside of you…it’s inspiring and uplifting. it makes you want to shout USA and AMEN at the same time.

and it is, undoubtedly, some of the finest roadtripping music you’ll ever listen to.

i own this on vinyl…but it is a windows-rolled-down-hand-hanging-in-the-wind roadtrip must.

{if you don't own this, buy it now. you'll thank me later.}


and the video…

well, it’s just flat out awesomeness.

“free, like a river raging,

strong, as the wind i’m facing.

chasing dreams and racing fathered time.

deep like the grandest canyon,

wild like an untamed stallion.

if you can’t see my heart you must be blind.”

{wild, like an untamed stallion...}

his song, care, performed with angaleena presley and T.I. …is another of my favorites…

in times like these…when the most unthinkable things are happening in our world…his lyrics are all the more powerful…

his lyrics, sung with his raw, gritty, untamed voice…is the kind you FEEL inside your bones. he’s passionate. he’s hard core. he’s a troubadour on a mission.

“cuz’ i can’t stop the war,

shelter homeless, feed the poor.

can’t walk on water; i can’t save your sons and daughters.

i can’t change the world and make things fair…

the least that i can do…is Care.”

praying for our world…praying for america…praying for all the men and women, sons and daughters….

signing off from gypsyville…with my all-time favorite kid rock quote…

“you can’t buy cool.”

September 13, 2012   36 Comments