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ThE JunK GypSY ManiFESto

The way I see it, life is a beautiful adventure. 

a WiLD, MagiCAL, ChaoTIC, madly-beautifully-unplanned adventure.                  

There is something great and inspiring and liberating about hitting the open road…driving with the windows rolled down, Janis Joplin cranked up, letting your hair and all your worries blow in the wind…in search of something new. Something different. Something yet to be discovered out there in the wild blue yonder.                  

{JaNIE, AMiE, & JoLIE at the ArKANSaS farm circa 1980}

That’s how we, my mom-Janie…she’s the relentless, never-say-die fanatic of all things junky, my sister-Amie…the eclectic, wild-at-heart creative soul, and myself-Jolie…the spirited southern girl with a rock n’ roll cornbread soul, got caught up in a business that has taken our lives down a path we never could have planned for. There were no stodgy business plans for this ride . . . just grassroots dreams and starry-eyed faith!       

We set out to find a great business, but instead found a great life.                    

It all started long, long ago in a one-light town – Overton, Texas. OuR little MayBeRRY…where the twang is as thick as the gossip, the folks are friendly, and the football field is a spiritual experience.
 Amie and I were raised in a hard-working, down-to-Earth family. Our parents Janie and Phillip opened Overton’s first and finest pizza restaurant when we were just kids. We didn’t know it then but we were learning the basics of business firsthand. Basics that can’t be taught in a textbook. Through mopping floors, baking pizzas, and learning from our customers and co-workers, our pride of knee-scrapin’ hard work and our entrepreneurial genes laid the foundation for the road ahead. We worked together as a family and as business partners in the restaurants for almost twenty years when we decided it was time to hang up the chef’s hat and move on to junkier latitudes.       


{JunKIN at the WaRRENTOn AntiQUES show}

We are THE JUNK GYPSIES and we reside in our junky little town of Gypsyville …The raucous and rowdy home of gypsies, junkers, dreamers, and true-blue rebels across the globe! We believe every man’s trash is truly our treasure, junking is a way of life, and garage sales are our Rodeo Drive. We’d rather be at a fleamarket collecting chippy-peely cast-offs than anywhere else. That’s what we do. We find character and charm in unlikely pieces and then chaotically and beautifully mix them with other found objects and vintage elements to create our own unique JUNK GYPSY style. It’s a little bit hippie, a little bit rock n’ roll, and a whole lot of repurposed Junk Gypsy flair!                   

{AmiE & JoLIE cleanin out the cobwebs!}

 We began in 1998 with $2000, a beat-up pick-up truck, and our share of blood, sweat, and tears, selling vintage fineries, roadside treasures, and custom-designed clothing.      

{OuR fiRST set o' wheels for junkin...}

{AmiE & DaD in the early days...}

 Our journey hasn’t always been easy, we’ve taken a few wrong turns and hit a few roadblocks along the way BUT we have fought from the trenches with our never-say-die attitude and always DREAMED big!      

{LoaDIN trailers in tha mud....}


We believe in loving what you do and doing what you love…in learning something from every pitstop and every path along the way. We believe in the beautiful, wild human spirit and that it only grows richer and stronger day after day, year after year. We believe in big love and big dreams. We believe in family. And above all of this, we believe in BELIEVING.                   

{JaNie takin a midnight ride}

So head on over to Gypsyville – take a Greyhound bus or a midnight train ride. . . just get there some way, somehow cause it just might change your life!                   

And then with a little wanderlust in your soul and a rebellious gleam in your eye. . . take a magic carpet ride through our wild and spirited world!   

To all of you…WELCoME HoME!                



CLiCK here for a viDEO preview!           

{MirANDA LamBERT's AiRSTREAM-gettin' gypsy-fide!}

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