ribbons on her wall.

sometimes inspiration comes in the oddest of places…and for us, this commercial. about a girl. and her horse. and the road. and her truck. well, we just can’t get this commercial out of our heads.

it’s the morning after. the morning after the superbowl. the biggest football game of the year (well, the biggest game to most of the universe…except for me, in which case, i admit i’m an aggie girl. if it’s not the ags (or the razorbacks), then i’m only in it for the chips and dip.) anywho…i digress.it was the biggest game of the year…with the most famous and anticipated commercials of the year. and in the wake of the commercials…i can’t help but think of this commercial… that will forever be complete awesomeness to us…

YouTube Preview Image

to us, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

it’s inspiring. and awesome.


it’s romantic. and beautiful.

a woman. a woman and her truck. and a 12oo lb passenger.

2 bodies with one mind.

and a ribbon… that goes on her wall. not in her hair.

good gawsh. it’s so, so awesome.

and although we weren’t riding barrel horses when we started this business, we were hooking up trailers to trucks before dawn and pulling them from town to town…loading and unloading, hammer in hand….dirt under our nails and scrapes on our knees. and the feeling, the feeling that is conveyed in this commercial is kinda how we felt. capable. in control. behind the steering wheel. navigating our path.

we are so inspired by this here commercial…by the story of a girl. and her horse. and the road…that amie started a little pinterest board…y’all check it out here!!


February 3, 2014   21 Comments

chasing tumbleweeds.

every now and then…there is a quote that grabs us. it grabs us and gets inside of us. and won’t let go.

this one, by buffalo bill, is one of those quotes…

and we’ve been feeling pretty darn restless lately…we’ve been feeling the call of wild horses…

and the wild blue yonder…

and we just feel like we just can’t sit still…

we were inspired…

so we pulled on our boots, strapped on our camera, and did a photoshoot…

and sowed our wild oats in a field of bitter weed…




CliCK HERE for all kinds of REsTLESS roaMing PInTEREsT inspiration!!!! we promise you’re gonna loveeeeee as much as we do!!!

and then HERE for all our ResTLESS roaming-inspired goods!!!


and now…go forth…

and chase your own wild tumbleweeds.

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choose love.

it’s martin luther king, junior day today. and because of that…we should be giving all kinds of thanks.

the man. the husband. the father. the hero.

and in case you want to read about his trailblazing wife, the woman behind the man…read here.

i think i will choose love. today and always.

January 20, 2014   7 Comments

duck & dressing.

a few weeks ago, our friends over at duck commander invited us to a little shindig they were hosting. all in honor of korie & rebecca’s newest and hottest downtown boutique, duck & dressing. (yep…pretty dang brilliant play on words…because, of course, while we are eating turkey and dressing at holiday feasts, those who reside in louisiana eat duck and dressing). anywho…i digress.

mama gypsy didn’t go on this roadtrip, she decided to stay home and keep the home fires burning…but never fear…we didn’t leave the round top city limits without plenty of mom-advice. 1. drive safe. 2. take pics. 3. have fun. 4. be careful. 5. take pics. 6. text me when you get there. 7. watch out for idiots on the road. 8. take pics!!! and the entire roadtrip to monroe i received approximately 586 text messages from mom…”have fun. take pics.” and “y’all there yet? don’t forget to take pics!!” and…well, you get the point….

i’m sure you know where i’m going with this….

that’s right.

i. didn’t. take. pics. well i took maybe like 4. and i was afraid to come home and break the news to mom.

and because i didn’t take pics…i’m going to steal pics off of their facebook page (ain’t no shame in my game)…and this blog is my attempt to describe the night…and to make mama happy.

this was a party to celebrate the grand opening, of their totally edgy, totally awesome, couture downtown store. featuring duck commander wines, food by cotton‘s cory bahr, and special music guests.

first things first. the store. it’s awesome.

it’s in an old renovated downtown building (we have a weakness for old downtown buildings in our family….if you ever went to any of our restaurants in henderson, pittsburg, or overton, then you know what i’m talking about)…complete with the old, original brick on the inside and open rafter ceilings.

ahhh….it’s perfect. and it’s chock full o’ edgy, hip, and uber cool goods. from clothing to boots to jewelry…sunglasses, home decor (i’m lovingggg my pillows i scooped up), and scarves. it’s fashion on the edge. it’s studs and leather. and fringe. and gold and silver. they decorated the store with their texas antiques week finds…from chandeliers to display pieces.

this one is actually from the night of the party….i actually took this one…(no facebook thievery involved here)

next topic of discussion: the wine. yep…the wine was awesome. and can now be found at your local wal-mart (assuming you don’t live in a dry county. in which case, i apologize. been there. done that.)

anddddddd the food….by the one and only, cory bahr…let me just take a minute here. cory is seriously the coolest, cutest dude EVER. yes, he won FOOD network’s ChoPPED and yes, his restaurant, COTTON, is sooooo super awesome. but he is soooooo niceeeeee. and funny. and sweet. and he cooks amazing, mouth-watering super southern, super gourmet food…think duck wraps (i die.), honeycrisp apple salad (honey hush.), and  shrimp deviled farm eggs (i’ll take one of each). it was here, at restaurant cotton, where t smitty and i sampled our first (and probably only) ever glass of pappy van winkle whiskey. and that’s all i have to say about that.

next…the music guest…well, imagine a tent, a rug for a stage, a couch for the stage backdrop. no band. just a guitar. and a speaker. and a guy. and not just any guy. we’re talking HOOOOOOTIEEEEEEEE. that’s right, darius rucker. he came. he sang. he rocked the house. he sang ALL of the great HOOTIE originals (let her cry, only want to be with you, hold my hand), as well as david allen coe’s you never even call me by my name (danced many a dance to this song at the late and great TExAS HaLL of FAME), andddd of course darius, willie, and john luke sang wagon wheel to round off the set.

andddd a few more pics…..me, rebecca, and leauxla…

andddd us with t smitty…

and just to end the perfect night with a bang….the limo got stuck in korie and willie’s back yard…

which us girls decided to let the boys deal with…

it was a heckuva night in monroe, louisiana…and the moral of the story…

visit monroe. shop at duck & dressing. eat at cotton. and don’t drive limos in backyards.


January 7, 2014   8 Comments

junky holidays.

sending y’all the biggest and merriest of ChriSTMas greetings!!!

from our little trailer to yours…may your HoLiDAYS be merry,

may your eggnog be noggy and may your stockings overfloweth

with happiness and gratitude.

December 19, 2013   2 Comments