georgia pellegrini-hunter, pioneer, chef extraordinaire.

so like we’re pretty fired up about this….

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mark your calendars and get ready….

our good friend, georgia pellegrini, best selling author of girl hunter, food heroes, and her newest book – modern pioneering is coming to gypsyville!!


for an afternoon of chatting and signing books…andddddddd she may even have a few modern pioneering demonstrations up her sleeve!

y’all get ready….we’re gonna get our hands dirty!

March 10, 2014   7 Comments

tim duncan’s shoe.

i’ve always been one of those people that is on time. and on most occasions, i’m early. i even remember once in high school, being anxious about a big day… i got up, had curlers in my hair (this was 1990 people), make-up applied (the necessary blue eyeliner of course), and was getting dressed when i began to wonder why mom, dad, and Amie weren’t up yet since we are all notoriously early risers. it was then that i realized. it was 3am. i was early. way early.

but lately, my early ways have evolved into barely on-time ways, and sometimes (gasp), late ways.
such is the case with this book. this book that i originally wanted to “save” for the right quiet time. the right time when i could give it my full focus. “saving” it turned into never getting it read. i remember what my granny always said about best laid plans….

i also remember how i used to save my halloween candy until it molded years later…

between filming, and opening the store, and moving, and well…LIFE, the quiet time never came. and the book, I’m ashamed to admit, went unread. until now.

and i would like to thank the flu for this….
for knocking me on my hiney. yep. for making me sit still. and finally, 1 year late, getting to read sparkly green earrings.

you see, Melanie (aka. big mama in the blogger world)  is our favorite person we’ve never met. she’s a true southern girl with some serious comic talent. we are kinda like BFF’s except that we’ve never talked on the phone, never made friendship bracelets, never shared those little heart necklaces that you give half of to your best friend and you wear the other half, never had lunch together, and never been in the same room. (i’m getting kinda depressed here.) but other than that… we are totally BFF’s.

anywho, since our BFF wrote a book, we’re super proud of her and even prouder to say how great it is. i laughed. and i laughed more. and the best part… it was the kind of book that left you smiling and just feeling …. happy the rest of the day. and anyone that knows us knows how much we like feel-good anything. feel-good movies, feel-good books, feel-good tv shows. and this, my friends, is a feel-good book.

and what, you ask, does this blog post have to do with tim duncan’s shoe? you’ll have to read the book to find out. but i will say this book is quite the opposite of tim duncan’s shoe.

now…i better get started on her newest book, the antelope in the living room….

and by the way…you can snag your copy of sparkly green earrings here! or antelope here!

well done, melanie…well done, my little BFF…andddddd by the way, this is headed your way…

no need to thank me…it’s just what friends do.


March 3, 2014   17 Comments

heart-shaped happiness.

in honor of impending valentines day…we decided to do what we used to do. heart-shaped pizzas. yep, that’s right…at our restaurant, mom and dad used to make heart-shaped pizzas on valentines day. it required a little creative dough manipulation…but for our finely-honed pizza slapping skills (we took pizza slapping and throwing very seriously), it was a festive challenge. read here for more overton & AJ’S backstory.

back to my story…last night, we did this…

with this in the dough of course…

and in honor of the late and wonderful shirley temple, amie made these…

with 100% black cherry juice, a little bubbley delight (sprite), maraschino cherries, and crushed ice…topped off with dollar store heart-shaped crazy straws of course. (which i would like to thank the dollar general for the oh-so-cute valentine’s day awesomeness…where crepe paper is alive and well.

here’s to y’all on valentines day! may it be filled with all kinds o’ heart-shaped happiness from the ones you love!


February 13, 2014   18 Comments


dierks bentley has been a friend of ours for about 9 years now….

i believe this is a story i’ve never told. so let me start at the beginning….

back in 2005, we received a voice mail from dierks bentley. yes, that’s right. a voice mail. from dierks. not his manager. not his assistant. not his stylist or his publicist or any of other member of his village. it was a message from dierks himself.

i still remember the day…it started like any other normal day as we walked into our office that morning…but then amie played the voice messages. and we hear “um hi. this is dierks bentley…”. after that…it was all really a blur. i do know we replayed it approximately 47 times, picked ourselves up off the floor, and then started to listen to the actual purpose on WHY dierks bentley was calling us.

he had been on tour with miranda and loved her logo…he was asking if we would consider helping him with his graphics…with his merch line.

from that phone call, we ended up in nashville, sitting at a cafe and planning our collaboration.

and oh yeah…this is also the time that we were at a super posh restaurant (the name eludes me) for supper and i flicked shrimp and grits across the table and right into amie’s lap. oh yes i did. it was straight outta ‘pretty woman’. slippery little suckers. i know dierks’ people were really impressed.

our partnership with dierks, is much like that with miranda. it’s based on a handshake. it’s a friendship.

it’s involved tee shirt designs, a few “midnight specials” (designs created in the middle of the night through texts)…

 and most recently…an airstream.

so now that you know the past…let me catch you up.

a couple of years ago dierks asked us to revamp an old airstream for him…for the 2 loves of his life – his music and his family.

we tried to accomplish both those things at once…a place to hang out and write with the boys in the band, but yet a place where he and his family could camp out up on the ridge.

in the process we thought about how this should look, how it should feel. and how we, most importantly, create a place that is VERY special and meaningful to him on a personal level. in the end, we incorporated banjos, old iconographic images of Arizona, hatch show prints, an old church pew and of course some vintage 8-tracks. featured here in an HGTV episode….or tune into great american country to catch a rerun!

AND be sureeeeee to click here for the FULL tour of the airstream!

we desperately wanted to incorporate a symbol that meant something profound…we tried elusively texting him questions like “what’s your fave symbol?” to no avail. we looked up Native American symbols and found our answer . . the THUNDERBIRD.

once we found the thunderbird, we looked no further. we knew it was meant to be. symbolizing “sacred bearer of happiness unlimited”…we knew this would resonate with dierks.

amie hand-sketched it…

then painted it big on a piece of poster board, and then dad made a stencil, which we then handpainted on the curtain…

and there it went, emblazoned onto the back curtain for the whole world to see.

we later found out that dierks’ dad had been a lifelong member in a group called the Phoenix Thunderbirds and had recently passed away.

some things are just meant to be. i believe, that’s why they call it destiny. or happenstance. creative visions crashing together…and sometimes, magic happens.

listen here to a radio interview where dierks explains the cosmic connection of the thunderbird symbol on his airstream to his dad…and then, full circle to the symbolic inspiration of his latest album…

so now…this little sketch that we drew here in round top, texas … is now the icon on dierks’ new album and soon to be documentary.

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…turns out there was more to that thunderbird that we just didn’t know…


RISER, a special edit of the documentary, airs on CMT february 22nd at 1pm CST.

RiSER, the album, releases Feb 25th!!!


February 12, 2014   36 Comments

ribbons on her wall.

sometimes inspiration comes in the oddest of places…and for us, this commercial. about a girl. and her horse. and the road. and her truck. well, we just can’t get this commercial out of our heads.

it’s the morning after. the morning after the superbowl. the biggest football game of the year (well, the biggest game to most of the universe…except for me, in which case, i admit i’m an aggie girl. if it’s not the ags (or the razorbacks), then i’m only in it for the chips and dip.) anywho…i was the biggest game of the year…with the most famous and anticipated commercials of the year. and in the wake of the commercials…i can’t help but think of this commercial… that will forever be complete awesomeness to us…

YouTube Preview Image

to us, it really doesn’t get much better than this.

it’s inspiring. and awesome.


it’s romantic. and beautiful.

a woman. a woman and her truck. and a 12oo lb passenger.

2 bodies with one mind.

and a ribbon… that goes on her wall. not in her hair.

good gawsh. it’s so, so awesome.

and although we weren’t riding barrel horses when we started this business, we were hooking up trailers to trucks before dawn and pulling them from town to town…loading and unloading, hammer in hand….dirt under our nails and scrapes on our knees. and the feeling, the feeling that is conveyed in this commercial is kinda how we felt. capable. in control. behind the steering wheel. navigating our path.

we are so inspired by this here commercial…by the story of a girl. and her horse. and the road…that amie started a little pinterest board…y’all check it out here!!


February 3, 2014   21 Comments