one might ask what is it about an airstream? why are they so appealing? why, after 80 years on the road, are they still timeless?

and i think, i know the answer.

airstreams are romantic. they are mysterious. they infer adventure and freedom and wanderlust.

from the griswalds to rockstars & movie stars…

they are the great american roadtrip.

our love affair with airstreams began long ago…it began with our love of the road.

“keep your eyes on the stars & the stars in your eyes.” ~wally byam

from roadside eateries…

{grabbing green smoothies from happy belly cafe}

to filming our HGTV series….

from MiRANDA LAMBERt‘S roadside bar on wheels we designed for her…


and now…DiERKS BENTLEy‘S junk gypsy-fide airstream will be featured this SATURDAY, MAY 12 on HGTV…

and did i mention…

that airstreams are sexy?





 (and yes, i do realize this is not an airstream buuuut it’s james dean, y’all…so for the sake of my daydreamin’-airstreamin’-james deanin’ blog…i’m calling it an airstream. so there.)


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hey now, honey child.

“west, on a plane bound west,/i see her stretched out below./land, blessed mother land,/the place where i was born./it’s been a long, hard ride,/got a ways to go./but this is still the place,/that we all call home.” -home, dierks bentley

this is us. with dierks.

in his newly decked out AMEriCANA-style airstream fit for a road warrior/troubadour/family man. compliments of the gypsies. we’ve known dierks for several years now and he is possibly the nicest guy ever.

we can’t help it. we’re lovers of all kinds o’ music.

from country to rap, from bluegrass & southern gospel to arena rock & big hair bands. from solid country gold to newfangled jams (one might say we have commitment issues).

one of our favorite albums ever is dierks‘, up on the ridge…it was gritty and raw and bluegrassy. it was authentic and gutsy. it was REAL. the lyrics were like something i couldn’t get enough of…

“hey now, honey child we’d be runnin’ free & wild/dance around in the dirt/listen to them crickets chirp./hear old jake start to howl,/when he hears that ol’ hoot owl./give you all i got to give,/that’s how we live up on the ridge.”

this album was a huge inspiration to us as we embarked upon one of our latest projects with dierks & HGTV

decorating his newly purchased airstream…

dierks has a new album being released tomorrow. the title track, home, is as comforting as apple pie and as graceful as those amber waves of grain. GeT it HERE!

& y’all don’t forget to watch for dierk’s new ‘gypsy-fide’ americana troubadour airstream in an upcoming junk gypsies-HGTV episode this spring!!!

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chapter 7: HoME on the RaNGE…the big ReVEAL, moonlight MarSHMaLLow RoasT, & cowgirl campfire singin’

s’mores under the moonlight, dances with GypSIES, & the big ReVEAL 2 MiRANDA….there’s still soooo much to tell about our past month or so of craziness… 

{twilight at the reveal...}*shot at pozohondostudios.com

{la reina=the queen}*shot at pozohondostudios.com

{a 1950's StuDEBaKER hitched to the AiRSTREAM with La ReiNA in the background...a picturesque moment as we're gearing up...}

and by the way…here’s a pic of me driving that sweet ride…yep, my dad’s proudest moment…

{and good luck finding 1st, 2nd, reverse, or heck ANY gear for that matter...of course, when you're rollin with no power steerin' towards a tree, you do a pretty good job of figuring it out!}


 As most of you know, we junked out MirANDA’s tour bus a couple of years ago (pics here)…and just like that project, MirANDA wanted to know NOTHING about ANY details as the project was in progress. in fact, despite BeV’S (miranda’s mama) prodding she wouldn’t even read our first blog entries for fear it would give something away…

soooo here it goes…amie removes the VeLVeT rope…

{amie moving aside the FLeaMARkET velvet rope....MirANDA's first glimpse}

{her first look inside...}

{diggin' the vibe...}

 showing her the custom ‘JuST LiKE a gypSY’ sconce…handcrafted by TeXAS TrASH in CarMINE, TExas!


{AmiE & me with RaN seeing her 'JuST LiKE A gypSY' sconce for the first time...one of her FaVORiTE thangs}

annnnd then she got chills….(which i think is a good sign)

{homemade curtains just like a gypsy...}

and amie explaining the DRuMs-turned-into-coffee-tables story… (read here if you missed it)

{wood planks from old DiXIE chiCKEN domino tables and drums from the fleamarket...perfect for a CoSMIC cowGIRL roadside bar!}

we hugged, we loved, we laughed, we cried…we showed her the inside, and the outside…

{showin her our little surprise on the bumper...}

{'cause gypsies never get tied down...}*thanks to anthologieimages.com for the pic!

a group shot of the SiKES fam and MiRANdA…

{OK, ok, enough formalities...where's the MarSHmaLLowS?!}

and when the sun tucked in for the night….

{twilight on ReVEAL night}


{the vibe of the AiRSTREam is psychedelic at night...luuuvin it!}

{you feelin' it?}

it was time to have a good ole-fashioned, all-AmERICAN, SouTHERN StyLE hot dog and marshmallow roast…yee-haw!

followed by CaMPFiRE singin’ under the TeXAS stars compliments of MiRANDA LamBERT, AsHLEY MonROE, AnGaLEENa PreSLEY, JoHN EvaNS, and RiCK LamBERT! YiPPEE-ki-A! BuFFaLO gals won’t ya come out tonight?

{it's gonna be a great night...}

y’all stay tuned! ReVEAL video coming soooooon!!!!

HeADS up y’all!!!! NeW section added to our GypSYViLLE online store! AiRSTREAM gear and the tee MirANDA has on all riGHT heRE!

AnD BiGGO huGE ConGRATS to MiRANDA…makin out like a bandit at last night’s ACM awards!

{that's right y'all...ViDEO of the YEAR, ALBuM of the YEaR, & ToP FeMALe VoCALISt!}*photo cred:CMT.com

sooo proud of you, SisTER!

{us with MiRANDA LAmBERT & crew on prom nite}

goodnight IrENE…

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AiRSTReAM ChRONICLeS: chapter 6-like a black horse in the night…

“i like to dream…right between my sound machine,
on a cloud of sound, i drift in the night. 
any place it goes is right,
goes far, flies near, to the stars away from here.”

{our sparkly sofa arrives by the first light of the moon...}

Let’S rewind a bit…when we first received the gutted AiRSTREaM, we hadn’t made any real decisions on the decor…or the theme…or how we were going to pull it all together in basically a 2 week time frame…  

but as soon as we stepped inside that awesome tin can on wheels, we knew whatever we did, it had to involve… GLITTER ViNYL..yeah, baby!  

{rolls of glitter vinyl we had delivered to the warehouse...retro, cosmic, & PerFECT!}

we had several options on creating the main seating area….  

we could: a) build in a ‘booth-style, u-shaped’ seat to wrap in the entire nose of the AiRSTREAM (of which we later realized the window was too low and the costs were going to be realllllly astronomical), b) use old bus seats (could be cool…but gotta find some in a crunch), or  c) move the seating area to the OTHER end of the trailer and put the bar in the nose…  

none of these really fit our fancy…we knew that this would be the main focal point of the AiRSTREAM…and we wanted it to be a cozy, cosmic, and most of all GRANDIOSE lounge for MirANDA and company to put up their feet and relax after a big show.  

we remembered an old 1800′s leg-less VicTORIAN sofa we bought from HECtoR years ago.  

{just pullin’ it off the shelves and tryin it out for size…hopin it will fit through the door}

aside from the fact that the sofa was slightly dry-rotted, didn’t have legs, and was nestled deeply within the stacks of furniture and junk at our warehouse, we thought it just might work….  

we channeled StEPPENWoLF’s MagiC CarPET riDE and envisioned the sofa with legs, fringe, studs, and most importantly… HoT PinK GLiTTER VinYL…  

{salvaging the old tapestry off the sofa...preppin it for a lil trip to the upholsterer}


{we're sooo excited here, we can't wait to get 'her' into place first thing the next morning!}

we added GoLD satin BuLLION fringe and studs…

{lovin this! with a fleamarket $10 pillow from JoE PeTE and a crushed velvet pillow we made in-house}

and the completed GRanDIOSE LouNGE…

{why don't you come with me little girl, on a MaGIC CarPEt riDE? ~steppenwolf} *thanks to keely marie scott for the image!

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AiRSTReAM ChRONiCLES: chapter 5-LikE a RhineSToNE CowBOY…

we have a confession: it involves rhinestones. and curtains. and a mexican batea. and a cowboy…

{love this shot..the sun is setting on our BiG RevEAL nite...and later...a moonlight marshmallow roast!}

NoW that MiRANdA has seen her 1953 FLyING CLouD AiRSTreAM transformed into a CoSMIC COwGiRL SaLoon on WhEELS…we’re just itchin’ to show y’all all the inside details!

{shot of the interior...cowboy stomped floors, glitter vinyl, homemade curtains, and sooo much more!}

and to refresh your memory…here’s the before shot…

{before shot- gutted}

so here’s the confession…and you gotta keep this on the down-low……

we…..used….a….bedazzler. there, i said it! and by gosh darn, i’m not ashamed to admit it. because you know why?! because nothin’ says CoSMIC COwGIRL like a blingin’, bull-ridin’, bedazzled RHinESTONE COwBOY! yee-hawww!

{blingin' out his chaps...}

in hindsight, amie learned it would have been waaaaay easier to bedazzle this baby BEFORE we actually PERMANENTLY adhered his bull-ridin booty to the wall (darn you, gravity!)…buuut who ever said we like to take easy street?

{OK, i really can't quit singin'..."LiKe a RHiNESTONE CowBoY...ridin' out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo..."}

 OriGiNALLY framed and mounted on a copper plaque, we popped off the frame, unscrewed the cowboy from the plaque and used a little SupER-duty-ULtRA-strength double stick tape to mount it on the wall. SpRinKLE in a few Swarovski crystals and voila! a RHiNESTONE CoWBOY!

and here’s a wider angle of the RhiNESTONe CoWBOY wall…

{try to ignore the 564 electrical outlets...we're still trying to figure out WHY in something sooooo tiny, there are SO many stinkin' outlets sooo close together!}

we spotted the GoLD stallion clock at MyLISSA’s in WARRENTON and knew it was a perfect addition to our retro cowboy wall. There was no hope (or time) for fixin the clock, so we did what any good GypSY would do…set the hands to 5 o’clock, cut the electrical cord, and permanently adhered that bad boy to the wall! we completed the mini-vignette with a GoLD stained PINK spitoon sign, an authentically plastic chandelier, and of course 5000 electrical outlets…

we liked it so much, amie went a little rhinestone crAZY….

a mexican batea…

{traditional MeXICAN tole-ware BatEA...usually sold for around $15-60, depending on the size and condition. this one is about half-way through the bedazzle process}

 the homemade curtains were easy prey on our quest to rhinestone the universe…

{original JG art..our tribute to waylon & willie & the boys...whip-stitched on crushed velvet, with fringe...and rhinestones}

{not all who wander are LoST...jrr tolkien}

{LoVE GuADALupE curtains at both ends of the AiRSTREAM...with TonS o' CrySTALS} *thanks to anthologieimages.com for the pic

tons more to tell…y’all stick around!

“I’ve been walkin these streets so long, singin the same old song.

i know every crack in these dirty sidewalks of BroADwAY, where hustle’s the name of the game

and nice guys get washed away like the snow and the rain. there’s been a load of compromisin’

on the road to my horizon…BuT i’m gonna be where the lights are shinin’ on me.” ~RhinESTONE CowBOY, GleN CaMpBELL

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