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angaleena presley

  • you can’t buy cool.

    i have a confession. i have a thing for kid rock. there. i said it. that’s right. kid rock. he’s real. he’s a badass. he’s america. he’s cool beyond cool. maybe it’s the fringe.…

    September 13, 2012
  • the PiSTOL ANNIE’s

    YOu GONNA pull them pistols or WhiSTLE diXIE? the PiSTOL ANNie’S are comin to town!! 3 guitar-slingin, songwritin’, heartbreakin’, honky-tonkin’ girls… their BRAND-new, already-hot-on-the-charts, debut album will be RELEASED tomorrow…it’s chock full of soulful, swanky, gritty, sayin-what-ya-mean…

    August 22, 2011
  • rock ‘n roll wonderland with a splash of hillbilly

    OK. so yes. it’s been like foreverrrrr since i’ve updated y’all. and there’s soooo much to tell. let’s start with this little ole wedding we helped with. it was… um, kinda like…a big deal.…

    June 28, 2011