on a dark desert highway…cool wind in my hair

a little bit ROADWEaRY and a little bit TucKERED out, the dust is settling from our past few months of mucho loco-ness and we’re finally HoME…turn out the lights, the party’s over. but oh good gracious, what a biggo-TeXAS-sizED-wouldn’t-have-missed-it-for-the-world party it was! there’s sooo much to tell about WaRRENTON ANtiques WeeK (the good junk was as far as the eye could see!) & JuNK-O-RaMA prom (texas-style prom dress revival at it’s finest!)…but let’s start with our most recent adventure, AuSTIN CiTY LiMITS MuSIC FeSTIVAL…where we decked out the OFFiCIAL ARTiST LounGE!  


 with cargo trailers in tow, luggage loaded, and kids strapped in, we hit the road for AuSTIN, TEXAS WEdNESDAY morning….we arrived at ZiLKER PaRK at the crack of dawn…approximately 48 hours after loading out our cow-pasture tent in WaRRENTON, teXAS. 

{the sun rises on ZiLKER PaRK....let the work begin}

{the empty artist lounge tent}


and because ThE EAGLES (a moment of silence here, please) were headlining this epically-FAMouS, 3-day MuSIC FestiVAL, it only seemed appropriate to deck out the artist lounge HoTEL CALiFORNIA-style….with a kick o’ JUnK GypSY of course. 

it was fast. it was furious…we rolled in, and created a HoTEL CALifORNIA lounge like no other in 2 days flat (yep, don henley’s daughter told us the lounge looked like his MaliBU  home…so we took that as a compliment!)! annnnd then it was time for a little gypsy chill time…. 

“WELCOME to the HoTEL CaLIFORNIA…such a lovely place, such a lovely FaCE…PLENTY of room at the HoTEL CaLiFORNIA, any time of year, you can find it here.”  

 ”mirrors on the ceiling…pink champagne on ice”   


OK, so the mirrors aren’t quite on the ceiling…but we think ‘mirrors in the corridor with tons and tons of glowing candles, gothic candelabras, & drippy candle wax’ is possibly wayyyy cooler! 

“WELcoME to the HoTEL CALiFORNIA….such a LoVELY PLAce…such a LovELY face.” 


{color-drip candles...one of our FaVE things!}

“and in the MaSTER’s chambers, they gathered for the feast…”  

 3 gothic-spanish styLE harvest tables pushed together, 16 hodge-podge spanish chairs and red velvet theatre fleamarket chairs, 2 VeLVET sofas, 1 black spanish SoFA, 3 red velvet CLUb chairs, 2 ReD VeLVEt leather chairs, countless chandeliers, candles, doors, and curtains…and oh yeah, did i mention 50,000 MILLION flicker light bulbs (yeah, that’s right…we had to highjack 3 HoME depots to find enough!)…”there’s plenty of room at the HoTEL CaLIfornia…any time of year, you can find it here.” 

{flicker bulbs in a gothic sconce and retro HOTeL letters on the exterior of the lounge}

“there she stood in the doorway, i heard the mission bell. and i was thinking to myself, this could be heaven or this could be hell…” 



{"you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave..."}

over 75,000 people attend this enormous MUSiC FEST. it’s a 3-day, 8-stage, 130-band MuSIC experience like no other! 



we worked… 

{makin it happen...}

AMiE & ARchIE rockin the MaKITA drill!

{dad taking a rare sit-down...nestled amongst our herd of tattered red-velvet chairs, with his cowboy hat propped to the side}

we chilled in the lounge… 

{amie & i chillin in our HoTEL CaLiFORNIA-esque lounge...}


 we walked with the masses… 

{amie & dad walk behind a GrEEN mickey MouSE...this IS auSTIn, y'all!}


we ate HuDSONS on the BENd ChiCKEN in a CoNE…

{the one. the only. the FAMOUS...chiCKEN in a CONE!}

we jammed out at the SCHooL of RoCK…

{jammin' RaY CHARLES-style}

we got TaTTOOS…

{when in austin...}

we watched ThE EAGLES sing HoTEL CALiFORNIA…

{a shot of ThE EAGLES from above...a very surreal moment}

and had a HEcKUVA goooood time!
now we’re back in the country…with a PeACEFuL, EASY feelin….
XOXOOXOXO! amie, janie, and jolie
P.S. fashion statements abound at ACL…and we loooooved that we saw lots and lots of MoCS!

{amie sportin her JG WOODsTOCK mocs}

JG LUVS MOCS! check out our tonz of boho hippie MoCs online here!




(a big thanks to the ACL FLiCKR page for some of the shots above!) 

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mucho LoCO…with a side o’ crazy.

yep, it’s true. we’re bonafide, for sure, certifiably muyyyy loco. (that’s crazy for the spanish-challenged)

and here’s just a few reasons why…

  1. we’re gearin up for a BiGGO, GaLACTIC JuNK-A-PaLOOZA WaREHOUSE SaLE to be held in just a few short weeks
  2. we’re trying to complete amie’s soon-to-be new casa…her completely landworthy, land-yacht airstream
  3. we’re makin plans for gypsy-fyin MirANDA LaMBERT & BLaKE SHeLTON’S tyin’ the knot shindig
  4. with RouND ToP ANTiQUES WEEK and the JuNK GypSY JUNK-O-RaMA prom in just over a month
  5. with AuSTIN CITY LiMITs artist lounge the weekend after antiques week
  6. with the film crew rolling into town in barely over a week to begin shooting the JuNK GypSY pilot
  7. throw in the fact that i’m homeless, amie’s sleepless, and janie’s losing her mind…it’s a crazzzzy kind o’ time!

why you ask? why attempt this crazy feat? 2 words.

CarpE. DiEM.

sooooo here’s a quick rundown of numero UnO… our BiGGO, GALaCTIC, JuNK-A-PALooZA…a SaLE that you just can’t miss!

JuNK-A-PaLOOZA began as a way to kinda ‘clear out tha junk’…to get rid of tonz of stuff at really low prices. soooo several years ago, we decided to have a little sale here at our warehouse…with realllly cheap tees, realllllly discounted jewelry (lots of stuff below cost!), and looooots of great junk!

{twilight @ our last JuNK-A-PaLoozA}

 there’s always somethin for everyone…boys, girls, young & old…it’s a hodge-podge calamity of organized chaos!




KiDS have a good time….

{serenadin' the ladies}

 while mamas shop…

from DonKEYS in trucks…

{joe PeTE with a hairy friend}

to PorT-a-PoTTIES…

it’s all here!

AnD this JuNK-A-PALOOZA…we’ll be filming for an OFFiCIAL JuNK GypSY TV pilot on FriDAY! we invite y’all to come out and share with us this sooooo super exciting day!

 CLiCK HERE for MaP!

LiVE muSIC by JoHN EvANS and OWEN TiNER! $8 SouVENIR TEES! $12 tees! lots of GOOD juNK! wooo-hooo!

more updates soon y’all…..in the meantime…


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