forget your high society.

there comes a time in every girls life when she just has to be a bad ass. and we here at junk gypsy decided that time was now.

a time when she needs to throw on a padded bra & a blonde wig…

a time when she must channel miranda lambert.

in case you’re confused…this is the REAL miranda…


and of utmost important…a completely bad-to-the-bone guns ‘n wings tattoo on her forearm.

{yep...the original design that we created for miranda...which then became her logo...and 4ever inked our friendship}

(we won’t mention the fact that it also put us and her in the doghouse with her daddy until the end of time)

and yes…we let blake play along too…

although he better watch out…you know what they say about a woman scorned…

and lest i forget, the most important part of this costume…attitude.

the level of bad assery must be epic.


P.S. just in case y’all missed the CMA awards last night…we’re bursting with pride for our girl, miranda LaMBERT & her partner in crime, BLaKE SHeLTON! lonG LiVE country music! and WILLIe NELSoN!!!

and here’s the original KEROSEnE video…one of the top 10 videos of the decade!!

YouTube Preview Image


even if you’ve seen it, watch it again…it’ll make ya wanna be a bad ass too…and yes, she’s rockin our merle haggard-inspired MAMA triED tanK …which had it’s own moment in the spotlight at the country music hall of fame

all thanks to KEROSENE…and a woman scorned.


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miranda LamBERT+diERKS BenTLEY+junk gypsy=BFF’s 4ever

on the eve of the 44th annual CMA awards – we’re giddy with excitement for our 2 BFF’s of CounTRY MusiC, MirANDA LaMBERT & DiERKS BeNTLEY…

{dierks & ran sportin their JG}

we recently caught up with MiRANDA on the road….and let me tell ya, ain’t nobody out there that can rock it like this little EaST TExAS girl! as we were jammin side-stage with 2 of our favorite people in the world, her parents-RiCK & BeV LAmBERT, Rick proudly repeated the comparison that miranda has been called “country music’s JaNIS JOPLin”. 2 kick-hiney, bold, daring, ain’t-gonna-take-anything-off-anybody-girls…from texas. perfect.

{miranda gettin the parttttty started!}

it was a perfect night. a beyond perfect show. and perfect timing…right before country music’s biggest night…the CMA AwaRDS this wednesday. of which MiRANDA is up for 9, yes NINE awards. this is THE MOST awards any female has EVER been nominated for in HISTORY. and we couldn’t be prouder. MirANDa is the real deal. she’s what-you-see-is-what-you-get. she’s TRULY an amazingly talented songwriter, singer, and performer. she’s a renegade. an outlaw. a trailblazer.

and if i woulda been thinking enough to put my beer down and pick up my camera i would have pics to share from friday night. pics with ran and bev. pics with katherine heigl (um, that’s katie to me now…we’re like total BFFs), pics with eric church and josh kelley. all in her JuNK GypSY-fide airstream…all freezing in a good texas kind o’ way. while ran played old vinyls on the turntable (a fan sent miranda her recently-deceased mom’s extensive vinyl collection…we paid tribute and played them religiously that night).

and today, we’re barely able to sit still anticipating the CMA’s…we’re just so stinkin proud of MirANDA and DiERKS and their big night tomorrow night!

there’s only 2 people in HiSTORY that have ever gotten more nominations than MirANDA…her idol, MerLE HAGGARD, and ALaN JaCKSON.

and sweet dierks…his latest album is gritty. it’s grimey. it’s bluegrass-southern-soul. and we LOVE it.


his BaD ANgEL song (a collaboration with MirANDA) is up for ‘MuSICAL EVENT of the YEAR’ and there’s a BoB DyLAn cover that’s a little gypsy, a little spooky, and pure genius.

and y’all keep this on the down-low but DiERKS and JuNK GypSY may be teaming up on a biggo southern gothic project in the nearrrr future.

AND in honor of DiERKS and MIRaNDA and the CMA’s tomorrow night, we’re gonna have a little fun on FaCEBOOK tomorrow! giveaways allll day! PLuS, we’ve marked down our custom-designed just for MiRANDA LAMBERT RoADSIDE BarS  & PinK GuiTARS tees down to $18! and we’ve released the newest JG 4 MirANDA design: ‘SavED BY the GrACE of SouTHERN CharM’ tee … designed for MirANDA’s huge hit, “ONLY PrettiER”.

the 411 and waaaay important links:

the 44th annual CMA AWArDS - wednesday night, NOvEMBER 10 – LIVE on ABC

miranda lambert


dierks bentley

dierks bentley’s BaD ANgEL video with MiRANDA and JaMEY JOHNsoN

eric church

josh kelley

KaTHERINE HeiGL - (aka katie)

 soooo, here’s to all y’all and here’s to MiRANDA and DiERKS. and all of CounTRY MUSIC.

pop some popcorn, grab a drink, and pull up a chair for tomorrow night’s LIVE show! we’ll cry, we’ll laugh, we’ll cheer. and when it’s over, our hearts will be filled with warm fuzzies…

happy birthday ran…may you have a heck-raisin’ good time!


“i guess if you don’t jump,

you’ll never know if you can fly.”

~new strings, miranda lambert

 **and in a text we just received from bev: “the good ole days have nothin on this…it’s been the craziest day ever! from fittings to stylists to make-up to rehearsals!”

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