AiRSTReAM ChRONiCLES: chapter 3-channeling texas bars

YeSTErDAY amiE shocked herself not once but twice, I sandEd the floor once twice 3 TiMES, DaD reworked the salvaged CirCUS WHeeL bar top more times than we want to admit & JaNIE was STiLL wishin for a CoRONA.

we’ve channeled LeGENDARy TeXAS baRS, BLoWN the EleCTRiCiTY and had deliveries of LuckenBACH souvenirs, OLd DIXiE ChiCKEN wood, & HoMEMadE DING-DoNGS. 4 DaYS left…the SaGA continues…  

{this is the floor at step 62 of 97}

 yeS, it really took that many steps…(or maybe it just seemed like it…i’m not sure anymore….maybe i’m delirious from the paint fumes…)  

{step 86}

If Lovin’ you is WroNG, i don’t wanna be right…   

{incomplete but gettin' there...}

MeanWHiLE we cosmically channeled LeGENDary TeXAS bars all day. we started off our morning with a visit from the girLS of the DiXIE chiCKEN who brought us a little piece of hiSTORY for the AiRSTREAM… 

{carved up planks from DiXIE ChiCKEN tables}

 ThEN…we had a special delivery from the MaILmAN… 

{goodies sent StrAiGHT from LuCkenBACH, teXAS!}

which i have decided was DesTINY channeled directly from my cosmic vibes since i just happened to be sportin my LUckENBACH tee yesterday! 

{yes, i'm a little giddy about the arrival of a LuCKEnBACH package! it's like ChRISTMAS!}

AND the day just kept getting beTTER! because then a little angel named PaTRICIA showed up with a little piece of heaven in to-go boxes filled with soul food and HoMeMADE desserts! deeeee-licious homebakED breads, chicken spaghetti, tortilla soup, and hellllloooo cookies, kolaches and HomEMADE ding-dongs courtesy of MeLiSSA & ThE BAKE ShoPPE all the way from CyPrESS, TeXAS! 

{CooKIEs, KoLaCHES, and yes! HOMeMADE ding-donGS!}

{XOXOXO back at ya, MeLiSSA!!}

We’RE movin in the furniture, hangin the HoMEmaDE curTAINS, and fillin’ our BeLLIES with good grub!

LiFE is good and we’re glad y’all are here! PuLL up a chair & stAY awhile…the completion is near!

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it’s OFFiCIAL. amie’s hyperventilating, my throat is constricting, and JaniE’s still wishing for a CoRONA. PaNIC has moved into GypSYViLLE. 

7 DaYS leFT and here’s what the AiRSTREAm looked like this morning… 

{INTeRIOR shot- mARCH 9, 2010}

it’s time to ShAKE ‘n BaKE, BABY! A few action shots… 

{SaNDING the barstooLS}

{preppin the BaR for the SaLVAGED cirCUS WhEEL top}

{retro-fitting salvaged tin}

{WooD StaiN for BaR...i LoVE old PainT's a sickness}

{yep y''s an air nibbler}

 TuRNING the floor into a RoLLin’ RoCKSTAR, hONKYtoNKin’ HeaVEN right NOW …(here’s a hint…) 

{it's a GaLLon full 'o HaPPinESS!}

then moving in the salvaged BaR, rusty-crusty tables, roadworthy benches, the FuNKY repurposed SoFA (you gotta see this to believe it!), and MoRE! whew! 

{vinTaGE license PLaTES}

 annnnd Mr. Manthei…our old-school sign painter…

{KeN ManTHEI...makin it happen old school-style}

***MeaNWHILE, in other news…*** 

{RiCK unloading the aiRSTREAm shelves}

MiRaNDA’s parents, RiCK & BeV LamBERT, stopped by for a visit…soooo we did what any gypsy on a tight-impossible-never-gonna-make-it-no-time-to-eat-or-sleep-or-take-care-of-personal-hygeine-schedule would do… 

we took ‘em to the DiXIE CHiCKEN (a moment of silence, please) …for an officially un-OFFiCIAL biz meeting… 

{ThE DiXIE ChiCKEN - our 2nd home}

for a lunch with good friends over a CoLD beeR and a pLATE of TiJUANA friES… 

{TiJUANA FriES...did somebody say it's time to eat?}

SoMEBoDY give me a HaLLELUjAH up in hERE! 

We LoVE the DiXIE CHiCKEN. it’s TeXAS. it’s SouTHERN. it’s irreverent and cozy and CLAssiC. it’s LEgENDARY and to all who have walked through those swinging saloon doors, you know there is no other place like it on EaRTH. but that’s a WhOLE ‘nother blog entry of it’s own… 

{DiXIE chiCKEN-tattered and perfect}

and a stroLL down BoTTLECaP ALLEY as we head back to work… 

{BoTTLECaP ALLEY - beside The DixIE ChiCKEN}

BeV came bearing gifts… 

{AmiE & BeV}

WiNE from the ReD 55 WiNERY…MiRANDA’s own private LaBEL…does it get any better? ThE DiXIE ChiCKEN, TijuaNA FrieS, good friends, and eAST teXAS WinE??!!  HALLELuJAH & AMEN! 

and now…BaCK to WoRK! SHAkE ‘n BaKE, bABY! ShAKE ‘n BaKE!!!!! 

and oh yeah…. 

{yep, you got it ..."HoMEMADE cuRTainS, just LikE a gypSY..."}

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