the cowboy & the gypsy…

on this day 43 years ago, janie patterson & phillip sikes were wed…here’s their story i wrote back in november of 2010.

happy anniversary, mom & dad.


have i ever told ya about mom and dad?

{mom and the courtin' days...circa 1964}

let’s start at the beginning…way back when…

DaD was born and raised in southern arkansas … waaaaaay out in the country. Where the pine trees are tall, the twang is thick, and the Little River dances through the farm.

{dad in his favorite Hopalong Cassidy pearl snap}

He was the youngest of 7 boys. Yep, that’s right…SEVEN boys…(God bless my granny’s pea-pickin’ heart)

{granny and her boys...ages 7-23...circa 1952}

{the sikes boys...uncle ray, the oldest was serving in the Army at the Korean War in this shot}

Papa was the county judge and Granny was a nurse…Papa never missed his daily game of dominoes down at the store (there was, and still is, only one store that served as the post office, general store, market, hardware store, gas station, and local domino hall).

Granny was famous for her homemade cinnamon rolls and good ole down-home cookin. At every meal, she would serve enough plates to “feed the boys and the ‘stranger at the door’.” There was no indoor plumbing, no air conditioning, and no video games…just wide open spaces, and ponds and creeks and cows and everything else a little boy needs to let his imagination run free.

It’s the place we love to be more than anywhere…it’s where we learned to put peanuts in our glass coke bottles. Where we ate orange push-up pops and where we were taught to be good stewards to the land.

{me and amie at our farm...cliffside by the LiTTLE RiVER...and yes, i'm sportin the super-stylin' leg warmers}

 Where we learned how to shoot a gun…

ride a 4-wheeler, and appreciate all of nature.

It’s about family. Love. Good times. Being free. Loving life.

Mom grew up like a texas gypsy…moving from town to town.

{little janie on a carney mule ride...circa 1951}

 Mom, her older sister, and older brother were raised by a hard-workin’ single mom (that always held multiple jobs at one time).

Bargain shopping and thriftstores were a way of life and she developed a serious passion (borderline obsession) for the thrill of the hunt, bargain stores and recycling old into new. She had a wild spirit and a beautiful way of bending the rules.

She would spend her summers in Arkansas…and play with a cowboy about her age named Phillip…..

{janie and phillip (ages 6 & 7) on the Little RiVER at the farm...with her big brother and sister}

PhiLLip & JaNiE sittin’ in a tree….

By the time they both headed to their respective colleges in different states, they had spent many summer days together….baling hay, cane-pole fishing, riding horses, having fried-chicken picnics, and cruising in Mom’s brother’s convertible.  Life was sweet and good.


  Janie headed for the big city of DaLLAS while PhiLLIP finished up a degree in business and realized he only had eyes for his Texas sweetheart. He packed up his cowboy duds and made like a cow patty…headin to the city like a renegade outlaw on the run, swept her off her feet, and the rest is history…  


{mom and dad...circa 1969...the year they wed}


 they wed, became business partners, raised 2 daughters (whom, i would like to add, have never given mom a stress-filled, sleepless, night…ever)…and now find themselves on a series of crazy adventures as their story continues….

off into the sunset they ride with their 2 daughters, 2 grandkids, a son-in-law, a dog named birdie bluebell buffay, a truckload of junk, and no hopes for retirement anytime soon….and we think, they couldn’t be happier.

Long LiVe the LoVE story of the COwBoy and the GyPSY!!!


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happy thoughts.

when amie left for college, we started this little thing between the 2 of us…we would send each other happy thoughts.

our happy thoughts would be anything from the lyrics to mississippi squirrel revival by ray stevens or lines from bill murray’s ‘what about bob’ to random family vacation memories. but our most favorite happy thought of all time was this one…”not knowing what color mom’s hair is gonna be each time you come home”. because, believe me, ya just never ever knew what color it was gonna be…and this very dependable mysterious fact was just as cozy as mom’s homemade cookie monster cookies after school.

{just sayin...}

we told you a little about mom in the oh-so-popular post ‘the cowboy & the gypsy’

{mom and dad...circa 1969...the year they wed}

but seein as it’s almost mama’s day and all…amie & i thought we’d tell ya a little more about our mamacita…because, after all, she is the reason junk gypsy came into being.

we’ve always called mom lucy…because i firmly believe her and lucille ball must have been related in a former life.

not to mention the fact that mom has seen EVERY single ‘I LOVE LUCY’ episode like 20 times and can do the vitameatavegamin re-enactment perfectly.

{"do you pop out at parties? are you unpoopular?"}

(if you haven’t seen it, you must. your life is not fully lived until you have.)

{me, mom, & amie...circa 1970-something}

or maybe it’s because, like LuCY, mom has always had a difficult time following the rules in a free-spirited kind o’ way.

it was tradition that amie & i always missed a few days of school a year for priceless roadtrips to the city with mom for museum hoppin and thriftstore shoppin. (don’t tell our principal!)

happy mothers day to all you mama’s out there!! may your day be filled with breakfast in bed, sloppy kisses, and HaPPy thoughTS!!! may you have the most wonderful of days celebrating LiFE, LoVE, and all the simple things that make you happy!

{sharin' tha luv...november 2010}

and to our mom, mama gypsy…thanks for teaching us how to dream. how to believe. how to be STRONG. & most of all, how to be a good MoM. :)

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