high noon in the neighborhood.

us & HGTV are bringin’ you the most epic GaRAGE SaLE showdown this side o’ the RiO GRANDE!


AND GeT reaDY!!!! we’re having our FirST OFFiCiAL twitter partayyyyy with HGTV on 5/10 during the premiere!

step into the TwiTTERverSE and geT tweetin’ y’all!!! & use those HAsHTAGS!!!

this ain’t yo granny’s GarAGE saLE…this is WAR!!!

because all’s FAiR in LovE & GaRAGE sALES!

CLiCK below for a little SNEAK PEEK!

YouTube Preview Image

and stay tuned for an HGTV/JG pinterest page coming soooooon!!!

May 2, 2013   19 Comments

houston, we have a garage sale.

from the bluebonnet lined roads of brenham, texas to the big city lights of houston, texas…us and hgtv have been hitting the ‘hoods for the great american garage sale showdown.

it was suburbia madness. cul-de-sac chaos.

packing for HOUStON…

houston bound at sunrise…

me and amie with our partner in crime, soul sister, executive producer extraordinaire…dawn fitzgerald…

high noon in the ‘hood…

{me and marshall from our HGTV film crew gun-slinging in the cul-de-sac}

team gypsy on location…

and the original TEAM gypSies…our parental ROCKStARS

me and amie taking some down time in our office….

mom and marshall having some front porch time at RoYERS caFE

dad and trey makin’ it happen on location…

me and archie crashing after a long day o’ garage salin’…

andddd it’s a wrap!

biggggg GIANt LOVE & XOXOXOXOXXO to our amazingly awesome crew!!!!

y’all stay tuned…HGTV plans to air the GARAGE sALE WARS competition specials in MAY! we promise to keep ya posted!!!!!

until then…

we’ll see ya down the blacktop…




March 5, 2013   23 Comments

get yer popcorn ready…

’cause HGTV’s gonna put on a SHOW.

it’s gonna be the battle of the ‘burbs…the duel of JUNK…an epic GREAT AMERICAN garage sale.

get ready y’all…we’re filming 2 specials with HGTV…it’s a garage sale competition that’s taking no prisoners. we’re making up new rules and breaking the old ones.

and the best part??? we’re asking all of y’all to come on out for the big day!

here’s the scoop:

2 families in brenham, texas have 48 hours and our help to amp up their old stuff, add some junk gypsy-a-fide salvation, and prepare for the most awesome garage sale war this side o’ the mississippi!

on day 4 (SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd 8am-4pm) we’re asking all y’all to come shop the deals!

***AND get ready houston texas!!! we’re coming yer way too! big sale and big deets to follow but mark yo calendars for MARCH 2nd!!!!***


spread the word! spread the love! mark yo calendars!!!!!

this ain’t your grandma’s garage sale!

February 15, 2013   61 Comments

mobile home.

about a year and a half ago, we did this…

{gives a whole new meaning to the lyrics..."our house, in the middle of our street."

typically our trailers are loaded with home decor. but this time, the trailer was loaded with a HOME. there’s a first time for everything…and this was a first for us.

{all in a day's work}

but let me start at the beginning…

there once was a farm house. an early 1900′s farm house with no indoor plumbing. no electricity. and no people. this turn-of-the-century cottage, although small (800 square feet!), had great bones and irresistible charm and was just begging for junk gypsy salvation. it was begging for love. it was begging for a family.

it was begging to be the perfect home for amie and indie…

{amie and indie doing the new house happy dance}

{amie, indie, & dad test-driving the porch}

so we did what we had to do. we bought it.

{sitting in it's original location...awaiting JG rescue}

thus began our first ever haulin house experience…

and thanks to KANA brothers house moving and their biggo trucks…

john, rodney, and their motley crew…

{it was a VERY solemn group of guys}

this was more than a house movin’…it was like dinner and a movie texas style - house movin’ and entertainment.


{rodney kana...work hard. play hard.}

making room for our wide load to hit the road….

{trimming a few dead branches for clearance}

watching the action…

documenting the action…

{because 1 camera just wasn't enough...}

annnnddddddd she’s road-worthy…let ‘er rip, tater chip.

{the journey.}

{causing a bonafide traffic jam in the big city of round top}

amie back-seat driving…


{because she is a PROFESSIONAL}

arriving in gypsyville…

{home sweet gypsy home}


and although we give these guys serious kudos for already having a tricked out grill…


{superheroes and army men...boys will be boys...}

we decided it needed a little JG touch…

{from the sistas to the bruthas...}

after finding a new home and family, this old texas farmhouse got a fresh coat of paint and became amie and indie’s little pink house (cue john mellencamp)…


we added a porch made of salvaged table legs and gargantuan architectural fleamarket corbels…and as all junk gypsy projects, it’s still a work in progress. a labor of love.

in case you missed the HGTV episode of us making over amie’s living room…watch a sneak peek here…just click on the little pink house picture above!

OR you can get the entire episode on itunes for $1.99!

little pink houses for you and me….


September 5, 2012   85 Comments

smoky mountain memories.

the endless yard sale … (aka 127 sale or the world’s largest yard sale)…we were there to host the endless yard sale competition for HGTV. and it was an endless adventure.

epic, i dare say.

690 miles of yard sales. 690 miles of junk. stretching from alabama to michigan…heaven, is that you?

we went. we saw. we yard sale’d. we had a helluva good time in the great state of tennessee! and seriously, holy moly good gawsh almighty…. could that state be any more beautiful? i think not.

and now, a little review of our griswald-esque adventures in the smoky mountains

{on a wing & a prayer...looking for junk...and righteous guidance at cumberland mountain}

the journey

{stopping to smell the roses...middle of nowhere, tennessee}



{having a griswald moment here...}

{and here...we just loved this sign. had to pull over just to take a pic}

but now…time for work.

we were there for the ultimate yard sale competition. 3 teams traveled from near and far to strut their yard sale skills.

3 teams. 3 days. 4 challenges. call it yard sale boot camp. thrift 101. battle of the deal seekers.

shoot day 1:

wheels up…destination: north crossville, tennessee…

{me, amie, & our fearless road warrior-partner in crime, joe pete!}

the teams:

a) team frat boys

{the georgia fraternity boys...soon-to-be JG interns}

b) team runners

{from texas to tennessee...team runners were in it to win it}

c) team yoga

{emily & CJ ... the happily hippie married entrepreneurs}

because everyone needs a little yard sale zen…

{i could totallllly do that if i wanted to.}

us & the teams group together as we  announce the winner of challenge 2…and reveal the next challenge…


{as the co-hosts of the competition, amie & i had to announce challenges, winners, and give appraisals}

we were there to work…but of course, we couldn’t NOT BUY some of the great junk!!!

{loooove this PURE metal sign! a fave!}

{pulled over on the side of the road to make this quick purchase! retro vending machines!}

{who could resist this old school go cart?!}

{a peaches & cream bike with banana seat? i'll take it.}

shoot day 2: destination: cumberland mountain & pikeville, tennessee

we started out the morning yard salin’ & filming at cumberland mountain. but, of course…no adventure is complete without a little rain….

{we took refuge from the driving rain here...cutest general store & malt shop ever!!}

and then…the clouds parted, the sun came out and we headed to PIKEViLLE, tennessee…

{shooting in the mountains...gorgeous}


and it was here, in pikeville, that we were given our very own mason jar full o’ homegrown tennessee mountain apple pie moonshine…

shoot day 3: destination: signal mountain

the final day of the competition…

{up on the mountain...}


{me & amie with chris, michelle, & dan...it's a wrap!}


as they say, all good things must come to an end…

so we bid tennessee farewell…and cowgirl jetsetted back to our beloved texas…


{de-gypsying ourselves for security}

y’all put it on your calendar! set your DVR’s!!! the endless yard sale airs friday, october 5 at 8pm EST/PST & 7pm CST!!!

place your bets nowwww…who’s it gonna be, a) team frat boys, b) team runners, or c) team yoga ??!!


August 13, 2012   27 Comments