a sharp right turn into crazytown.

well, here we are…strolling off into crazytown. again. um yes, please…i’ll have a large order of mucho loco with a side of extra spicy loco.

and we decided, if we’re going to crazytown, we’re taking y’all with us. so buckle up.

our JG world HQ is something we dreamed about for years…and last fall, we opened our doors for the first time. it’s time to finally cut that ribbon. which i’m assuming makes us more legit in the eyes of ribbon holders everywhere.

you are cordially invited, to our official ribbon cutting of the JG WoRLD HeaDQUarTERS…and we’re filming by the way.

{thanks 2 april pizana for this pic!!!}

yep, that’s right. season 2 of junk gypsies…to air on great american country sometime this summer. (i’ll tell ya all about that soon…but we are literally breaking between scenes filming today so i better make haste)

{reunited & it feels so good...the gang's all back together!!}

anywho, we would loveeeee love love for y’all to come be a part of our ribbon cutting…we promise not to cry too much (well maybe just a little). we’ll be cutting that ole ribbon this friday, march 28th at around 9:45. and yes, you may be on tv because this will be filmed for our first episode of the second season! come one! come all!

it’s a special day for us…and y’all are all such a big part of JG that we would be honored to have each and everyone of you here on our biggo ribbon cutting day!

***the deets***

what: ribbon cutting at the jg world HQ

when: friday, march 28, 9: 45am

where: 1215 south state hwy 237, round top, texas

the first 100 shoppers get a FREE stadium cup!!! free jg FLASHLIGHTS while they last! 

y’all come be a part of our new series & check out all of our new gear in the JG store!!!

big thanks to the local FaYETTE counTY RECORD for helping us spread the word!!




March 26, 2014   41 Comments

a proper english cowgirl.

some of you may remember this post…where we attempt to tell you all about the prairie by rachel ashwell. although it’s actually quite futile. it’s something you must experience on your own. it’s more than lovely and peaceful (which believe me, it is infinitely BOTH). it does something to your entire being as you enter the property. you RELAX. you EXHALE. and you feel so … just so at PEACE.

and now…we are so excited and honored and busting at the seams about rachel’s newest book, rachel ashwell couture prairie and fleamarket treasures.

it’s all about the prairie. and texas. and how beautifully rachel’s style blends into the texas horizon. how it just seems to belong here. here in texas…

where our english cowgirl feels at home herself.

y’all prepare yourself. prepare yourself for one heckuva awesome book. it’s seriously one that you’ll want to sit down and embrace. you’ll want to give it your full attention…no distractions. you’ll want to leave it on your coffee table as part of the decor in your room.


and guess who made her own page in the book?! that’s right. large marge herself. in living color. i guess that makes her an official landmark, right?

rachel and her team accomplished what i thought was un-accomplishable (yep, it’s a word). they artfully & beautifully captured the prairie…they TAKE you there. i swear i could almost smell the english tea brewing as i was reading.

this book is evidence why conde naste placed it on their HOT list. right here in little ole round top. our english cowgirl’s boots found a texas home.

read here for more about rachel and our friendship…and the journey that led her here…

and click here for more on the prairie.

and most importantly….y’all mark your calendars! rachel will be at the JG world HQ this thursday, october 3rd for a book signing! 1pm-3pm!

we’ll have books on hand! or you can snag one HERE!!!! come 1! come all!

**and get ready for JUNK-O-RaMA prom that night at the gypsy tent at ZaPP hALL featuring the JOhN EvANS BAND!!! yeee-hawwww!!!!**

**and be sure to read april pizana’s (aka photographer extraordinaire) blog about our SToRE!!!



September 30, 2013   5 Comments

2224 miles.

summertime always has us thinking of the great american roadtrip. the griswalds. taking the long way to every destination. not having a destination. stopping at every brewery, winery, or other type of factory along the way…stopping so dad can read every historical marker at every juncture. listening to mom say ‘look girls, look’ every 15 seconds.


ultimately, any roadtrip = memories. and that, my friends, is all that matters.
this popped up on our facebook page a few weeks ago. and we love it immensely. everything about it makes us happy. and i can’t quit staring at the picture…cadillac ranch, jg tattoos, jg grafitti, 2 girls (mandy & chandra), 1 roadtrip, 5 million memories.


read on…and be inspired.


Cadillac Ranch – last stop on the Fall 2011 TX Road Trip to see the Junk Gypsies & Warrenton Antique Week!

96 hours to rally 3 states,

cover 2,224 miles,

burn 125 gallons unleaded with

1,425 songs to choose from

3 cowboy hats and a wedding dress…

2 junk gypsy tatts

6 new girl friends at the community dinner table

1 piece of Royer’s strawberry rhubarb

1 Pistol Annies soundtrack later and we finally understood what this phenom was really about.

COUNTLESS memories that we will hold near and dear to our hearts forever!

Inspiration from the Junk Gypsies set our hearts dreaming of the open road to explore the curiosity sparked by rock & roll, cowgirl, bad a$$, eclectic images mixing from new clothing & necessities to antiquely fabulous “junk” that no girl should live without.

I have never seen anything like it in my life – God Bless Antique Week, the Junk Gypsies, Royer’s and all the amazing people we met along the way! We will never forget this trip and look forward to future run ins with the Junk Gypsies and the amazing people who keep this magical moment going from season to season – decade to decade. I love you & thank each and every one of you who take part preserving this amazing time capsule of Americana. Passing on different stories, and treasures for a new day.

The Junk Gypsies are amazing & we can’t wait to check out their HGTV show coming out in 2012!”


here’s to y’all, mandy & chandra!! we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking us on your epic roadtrip!


June 28, 2012   9 Comments

lookin 4 junk in all the right places.

antiques week is imminent…and to us junkers, we’re about as giddy as a kid on christmas morning.

today marks day 5 of set up…we’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there.

buuuuut we’ve had a few distractions along the way…

like this door….

{hello, beautiful. quite naturally we belong together.}

(which we just HAD to buy from matt white of recycling the past at EXCESS.)

and this little piece of heaven…

{amie navigating through the masses of wonderful junk at northgate field.}

and these lovebirds…well, they just made my day with their chippy peely decadence…

{you had me at chippy peely concrete lovebirds...}

 this is our macy’s…

{bar W field}

our happy place…

{excess field}

our junk therapy…

{vintage boots on the cheap at dead people's stuff at ZaPP}


{awesome old green jars & olive buckets at 'more than antiques' in northgate field}

{more good stuff at ExCESS}

and look at the AweSOME, amazing, GIaNT, love-em-forever, sconces we scored for our new store…

{seriously...you could travel the world for this stuff...orrrrr just come to texas}

today’s fleamarket morning…

{GoD bless the country...where life moves a little bit slower...}

WHERE we ARE: ZAPP haLL , directions HERE.

spring 2012 show dates: march 30-april 7

hours: 9ish-darkish

JUnK-O-RAMA prom: thursday, april 5 @ the gypsy tent

no tickets required!! FREE to all!!!

March 26, 2012   39 Comments

if you build it…

i remember the day i quit my  job as an academic advisor at TeXAS A&M…i remember sitting before my graduate committee, finishing my masters degree in health & nutrition…and then telling our department head that i was moving on. not into fields of empirical research at institutions of higher education. but moving on to become a junker. to officially become partners-in-crime with my mom and sister.

i remember not knowing what the future held, but knowing that i had big time faith in junk gypsy. big time faith in my sister’s dream (which also became my dream). big time knowledge in the fact that family was the most important thing to me and that, in our family, the sum is greater than the parts. and that although i might be making a mistake, i would never know if i didn’t jump.

so i jumped. t-smitty (my husband) jumped. we all jumped together. and y’all jumped with us. we all jumped….because of one word.


and because of 2 words we knew when to jump.

carpe diem.

we jumped not knowing how long our fleamarket days would last…we jumped knowing that some thought we were crazy. we took it one fleamarket at a time…without a business plan and without knowing all the answers. but we kept the faith because of you. because y’all kept inspiring us fleamarket after fleamarket. because y’all encouraged us to keep on keepin on…and y’all let us know that we weren’t the only crazy ones….y’all were crazy too.

and 12 years later…

if you build it, they will come.

or at least that’s what we’ve been told. and now, we’re building it. and we have FAITH that YOU will come.

what started as just a dream in our heads…

eventually became a sketch in amie’s notebook…

and then REAL blueprints via our amazingly-brilliant & generous friend, RiCHARD LAuGHLIN…who also happened to build robert earl keen’s (moment of silence for the godfather of texas music, please) songwriting studio (aka. his scriptatorium)…


and now, an actual structure with windows, 4 WALLS … AND a ROOF.

{sunrise over the store..taken 1/26/2012}

from the pouring of the concrete…

to the salvaged texas harbor tin we’ve used as walls…

the habitat for humanity back door…

and possibly our favorite … fleamarket cupolas.

3 in all…

awaiting their time to be positioned atop our new store.

and thanks to randy zingelmann of zingelmann steel construction, matt halpain of halpain construction, and jay robinson of woods creek, we’re finally on the homestretch…

{makin it happen. taken1/26/2012}

{pouring the slab. october 2011}

hoping to be open late spring/early summer 2012.

its been quite the journey for all of us, for our family and for junk gypsy. they say you shouldn’t be defined by your job but here in gypsyville, no one could deny that junk gypsy was our fate. our destiny. and it has shaped us into who we are. junk gypsy is it’s own being and it most definitely defines who we are. amie once said she doesn’t know where she ends and junk gypsy begins.

louis l’amour quoted: “the trail is the thing. not the end of the trail. travel too fast, and you miss all you are traveling for.”

which also reminds me of the ever-profound ferris bueller movie (an all-time fave): “life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around every once in awhile, you could miss it.” i’m looking around, y’all. ’cause i don’t wanna miss a thing.

although the trail to the junk gypsy store, has been 12 years long…we’ve loved every minute (well, almost every minute :)). we’ve learned infinitely along the way…we’ve laughed. we’ve cried. we’ve grown stronger.
our dream is that our store is a place that you love to come to. a place of fellowship. a place of happy thoughts and big dreams. a place for young and old. a place that you might spend 30 minutes or 3 hours…and whether you leave with a purchase or not, you’ll leave feeling inspired. and happy.

and in the words of the oh-so-awesomely-inspiring house of blues… “leave with us a piece of your heart. take with you a piece of our soul. ”

thank y’all from the bottom of our hearts for riding the trail with us. thank y’all for hanging on the junk gypsy karma train…because without you, there would be no junk gypsy. and so far, it’s been quite a ride…and i have a feelin, we’re just at the beginning.

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