junkers migration.

my favorite time of year…the time of year when the texas sun warms your shoulders after a cold winter. the time of year when the grass turns green again, the bluebonnets blanket the sides of the roads in the most beautiful velvety shade of blue, the birds are chirping…and the junkers, well, the junkers head south. south to texas.

{photo credit: keely marie scott}

{photo credit: keely marie scott}

south to the junk capital of the world. it’s the bi-annual migratory pattern of the species junkus mammalias. (that’s the scientific term for junkers…it’s in wikipedia. seriously. (no, not really but maybe it should be)). we arise from winter hibernation…we dust off our junkin’ boots. we stretch our creative muscles. we pull on our work gloves, arm ourselves with plenty of tie-downs for the masses of great junk we plan to acquire and we hit the fields in search of the greatest thing we never knew we didn’t need.

get ready, y’all. the greatest time of year is here. and, like us, you NEED it. TeXAS antiques week is kinda like chicken noodle soup…it feeds your soul. so get here as fast as you can. hit the highways or the backroads. you’ll be glad you did…it’s time for a little junk therapy.

{photo credit: april pizana}

{photo credit: april pizana}

the DEETS you need to know!!!


sale dates: FRIDAY mARCH 29-SatURDAY april 6.


{4217 south state hwy 237, warrenton texas 78961}

JUNK-O-RaMA prom

{photo credit: keely marie scott}

THurSDAY, APRiL 4 at the GypSY TeNT – TwiLiGHT!

no tickets necessary! come 1! come all!

weAR your FUnkiEST, junkieST fleamarket finery!

REaD HERE for more AntiQUES week & JuNK-O-RaMA prom INFO!!!



March 19, 2013   13 Comments

2224 miles.

summertime always has us thinking of the great american roadtrip. the griswalds. taking the long way to every destination. not having a destination. stopping at every brewery, winery, or other type of factory along the way…stopping so dad can read every historical marker at every juncture. listening to mom say ‘look girls, look’ every 15 seconds.


ultimately, any roadtrip = memories. and that, my friends, is all that matters.
this popped up on our facebook page a few weeks ago. and we love it immensely. everything about it makes us happy. and i can’t quit staring at the picture…cadillac ranch, jg tattoos, jg grafitti, 2 girls (mandy & chandra), 1 roadtrip, 5 million memories.


read on…and be inspired.


Cadillac Ranch – last stop on the Fall 2011 TX Road Trip to see the Junk Gypsies & Warrenton Antique Week!

96 hours to rally 3 states,

cover 2,224 miles,

burn 125 gallons unleaded with

1,425 songs to choose from

3 cowboy hats and a wedding dress…

2 junk gypsy tatts

6 new girl friends at the community dinner table

1 piece of Royer’s strawberry rhubarb

1 Pistol Annies soundtrack later and we finally understood what this phenom was really about.

COUNTLESS memories that we will hold near and dear to our hearts forever!

Inspiration from the Junk Gypsies set our hearts dreaming of the open road to explore the curiosity sparked by rock & roll, cowgirl, bad a$$, eclectic images mixing from new clothing & necessities to antiquely fabulous “junk” that no girl should live without.

I have never seen anything like it in my life – God Bless Antique Week, the Junk Gypsies, Royer’s and all the amazing people we met along the way! We will never forget this trip and look forward to future run ins with the Junk Gypsies and the amazing people who keep this magical moment going from season to season – decade to decade. I love you & thank each and every one of you who take part preserving this amazing time capsule of Americana. Passing on different stories, and treasures for a new day.

The Junk Gypsies are amazing & we can’t wait to check out their HGTV show coming out in 2012!”


here’s to y’all, mandy & chandra!! we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking us on your epic roadtrip!


June 28, 2012   9 Comments

lookin 4 junk in all the right places.

antiques week is imminent…and to us junkers, we’re about as giddy as a kid on christmas morning.

today marks day 5 of set up…we’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there.

buuuuut we’ve had a few distractions along the way…

like this door….

{hello, beautiful. quite naturally we belong together.}

(which we just HAD to buy from matt white of recycling the past at EXCESS.)

and this little piece of heaven…

{amie navigating through the masses of wonderful junk at northgate field.}

and these lovebirds…well, they just made my day with their chippy peely decadence…

{you had me at chippy peely concrete lovebirds...}

 this is our macy’s…

{bar W field}

our happy place…

{excess field}

our junk therapy…

{vintage boots on the cheap at dead people's stuff at ZaPP}


{awesome old green jars & olive buckets at 'more than antiques' in northgate field}

{more good stuff at ExCESS}

and look at the AweSOME, amazing, GIaNT, love-em-forever, sconces we scored for our new store…

{seriously...you could travel the world for this stuff...orrrrr just come to texas}

today’s fleamarket morning…

{GoD bless the country...where life moves a little bit slower...}

WHERE we ARE: ZAPP haLL , directions HERE.

spring 2012 show dates: march 30-april 7

hours: 9ish-darkish

JUnK-O-RAMA prom: thursday, april 5 @ the gypsy tent

no tickets required!! FREE to all!!!

March 26, 2012   42 Comments

true blue & tragic. spring 2012 edition.

it’s reallllly a travesty. a true-blue tragic reality. and it’s practically IMPOSSIBLE for us to understand. BUT, the word on the street is that SOME of you… HAVE. NOT. BEEN. to. ANTIQUES. week.  


i must take a moment to compose myself.

{i don’t know why i inserted this pic here…i guess just because i love it! a totally fleamarket-worthy cutie pie in the gypsy tent}

OK…so a quick little post to give the NEW kiDS on the BLoCK & the ANtiQUES week veterans, (aka. the never-say-die JuNKin ROAD WaRRIORs) the 411 scoop on the most important & most recent WHATCHA-GOTTA-KNOW deets of antiques week. antiques week 101 if you will.

as OFFiCiAL ambassadors of JUNK, we feel it’s our duty to keep y’all posted on all the exciting happenings of antiques WEEK.

leave no woman behind. leave no piece of junk un-turned.

there’s always quite a bit of confusion as to WHEN antiques week begins…and the answer to this is as clear as, well, mud. every field has different opening dates and while some junkers welcome early shoppers, others prefer you wait until they are officially open.

we set up at ZaPP hALL in warrenton…it’s where the cool kids are. actually there is great, awesome JUNk everywhere at antiques week, as far as the eye can see…and if you have time, you should cover as much ground as possible!

{the biggo texas sky and zapp hall. image: keely marie scott}

everyone always asks what to wear…and we have observed, that antiques week has it’s own sense of fashion couture. if your boots were made for walkin, wear them kicks. if not, wear COMFORTABLE shoes.

another must: a HAT. cowboy hat, sun hat, baseball cap…whatever fits your fancy, just bring a hat…the TeXAS sun is biG & bright and the fields are, for the most part, not shaded.

ALSO, pack sunglasses, sunscreen, cash, a tape measure, your camera, and a good backpack or tote bag.

just remember…anything goes…

and more is MoRE…

{the roadies back in the day… XOXO!}

the good news is…if you forget any of the above, you can more than likely find it at antiques week!

FoR JuNK-O-RaMA prom “shag-carpet couture”…refer to CaCTUS CREEK DaiLY’s “WHaT TO wEAR” post.

{image: keely marie scott}{image: keely marie scott}
{image: keely marie scott}

NoW…get ready! pack yer gear! leave all worries, anxiety, and STReSS at home!


do NOT miss that memo!!!

i repeat…






now hit the ROAD & get yer BOOTY to the FLEAMaRKET!


breakin’ it down…

WHERE we ARE: ZAPP haLL , directions HERE.

spring 2012 show dates: march 30-april 7

hours: 9ish-darkish

JUnK-O-RAMA prom: thursday, april 5 @ the gypsy tent

no tickets required!! FREE to all!!!

(click HERE to see keely’s pics from FALL 2011 prom!!)

stay tuned for biggg news on another awesomely exciting evenT during antiques week!! (hint: hgtv+jg+meg caswell)



March 22, 2012   12 Comments

ready or not.

ready or not…here we come!
it’s my favorite time of year…spring in TEXAS. bluebonnets, cool nights and sunny days…
and best of all…TEXAS antiques WEEK & JuNK-O-RaMA prom!
good times AHEaD!!!

it’s time for your soul vacation. it’s time for junk therapy.

spread the junk karma, y’all!

{big thanks to deB taylor for our anGELS of JuNK pic!}

February 24, 2012   19 Comments